Airline Employees Rescue the Airline & Tourism Industry

Airline Employees are Natural Ambassadors and influencers for the Airline
& Global Tourism Industry

Did you know the 'voice' of Airline Employees is heard and respected by the world's population and you have a unique ability to influence and HELP speed up the recovery of Airline & Tourism Industry where others cannot? ... see 'POTENTIAL FACTS' below ... you will be amazed at how powerful you all are
Join over 1 million other airline employees now ...



Staff Travel Voyage are leaders in Tourism Development and Rescue innovators for the Airline & Tourism Industry in times of distress

We all know the general public consumer LISTENS to Airline Employees, so we can all play a vital role in helping to SPEED UP recovery. Help your airline and tourism industry. It can also lead to saving jobs. Join our Global 'Airline Employees to the Rescue' Campaign below and HELP save our industry


Be an Ambassador for the Airline & Travel Industry


... read below for more information & see the Video PODCAST!

Join the "Airline Employees to the Rescue" Campaign

Over 1 million other airline employees participating already ...

It is a known fact that people "listen" to what airline employees say and recommend to others when it comes to travel. This is one of the main reasons we get flight concessions and great hotel deals so we can spread the word to the general public consumer who then follow our recommendations!

" How many times have you heard "oh you work for XXX Airline, you get to travel the world, where do you recommend "

" So our voices are well and truly heard, and so WE CAN, AND DO, MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE! We are all Ambassadors to our Travel & Tourism Industry "

" With simply millions of airline employees around the world this in turn can have a profound effect on what the general public do next during these troubled times. Most airlines and hotels will now permit refunds or free changes to bookings later if it is not possible to travel due to COVID19, so the general public have nothing to lose by booking a vacation for the future ~ and let's face it, we all need something to look forward to.

What do I need to do?

" It's simple. With your help we can reach OVER a million airline employees. All you have to do is make it your mission to spread the word, share the Podcast below, and this page link, to every airline employee you know, and ask them all to help and tell 100, 200, 500, 1000 (or more) members of the general public, be it at work or using social media (takes seconds at the click of a button), that you have already, or plan to, book a vacation now for the future, for when things calm down and return to normal, as you can always cancel or change it later at no cost. The general public will listen to this and follow. Register your participation above or below.

The Potential Facts

" Imagine 1 million airline employees working together in this initiative, each telling 500 members of the general public over the next month. That = 1/2 billion people! If only 30% of these people follow such airline employee guidance, that is 150 million air tickets bought ahead x the current average air ticket price of usd $379 ( = over usd $50 Billion in revenue for the airlines ASAP! The average hotel room rate globally is usd $130 and the average length of stay is 8.9 nights ( so that = $130 x 8.9 nights = $1157 per booking x 150 million people = usd $170 Billion in revenue for the hotel industry. Combined that equates to over usd $200 Billion to support the recovery of the global tourism industry! "

" This is VERY REAL. We are all in this together and can make a BIG difference, so let's group up and work together. It's not difficult to tell 100/200/1000 people or more, be it at work or quickly using social media in the month of May, so let's give it a go. Airline employees will rightfully receive huge recognition of what they are doing, by their employer, governments and the general public "

You can simply cut and paste this text below to send to your general public followers (who will listen to us!)

HELP US SAVE THE AIRLINE & TOURISM INDUSTRY! Otherwise when this is all over there won't be a way to go on Vacation/holiday at all...!
As an Airline Employee my friends always ask for my recommendations as I travel the world.
For us airline employees, we have great deals available to us at the moment to 'Book Ahead' with FREE cancellation charges and FREE date changes later if needed, so we have nothing to lose and to be honest we are getting very bored at home now and can't wait for when we can travel again to the sun!
THE SAME applies to people that do not work for an airline … Most airline and hotels won't charge you if you do have to cancel or change dates later because of Corona (just shop around). There are AMAZING deals out there right now if you think and BOOK AHEAD SOON before it's too late and prices start to soar, and like me I am sure you would like something to look forward to!
PLEASE SHARE & SPREAD THIS FB message to everyone you know, and check out your dream holiday and get something booked up ahead at crazy prices now … you can always change or cancel it later so what have you got to lose???
Our industry desperately needs to recover quicker rather than later, and it will do....
WE can all help this to happen if we book ahead … if we leave it too late the airline and tourism industry will be booming. The more good news starts arriving, these deals will have gone and prices will go UP ... think ahead! Hope that helps...
Here is a useful link:
And this company offers great flight deals and conditions:

CLICK on the images below for sample posts from our followers. The word is being spread in some case by a single employee to over 1000 members of the general public! Imagine the financial injections to the airline and tourism industry as a result (see potential FACTS above) ... with airline employees being responsible!

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Do I need to do anything else? 

​No, it's as simply as that, use "word of mouth" & "social media" to spread YouTube Podcast below, and this page link, to as many Airline Employees as you can. If you are ready to book something yourself in advance at super special never-to-be repeated rates we can help by Clicking Here, if you are not ready quite yet you can still pass the message that you plan to book ahead soon! 

Importantly, register your participation by simply registering FREE with STV by CLICKING HERE then click to register and then tick the relevant box. We can then track how many airline and travel industry employees globally there are that are playing this vitally important role, and will report the numbers to government tourism boards and airlines to get the recognition we will all deserve.

** If you are already registered with us, simply Login and click MY BOOKINGS on the main menu bar at the top of the page (or Menu drop down on mobile phones), then click MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT, scroll down and tick the relevant box to join the campaign

The most important thing though is we all do it, as it cannot fail to have a significant impact on recovery whatever the results.  

WE are all in this together, so let's group up together globally and show the world what we can do to save the worlds biggest Industry together! 

IMPORTANTLY, PLEASE EMAIL US screencaptures of your FB & Social Media Posts to your airline employee friends and non airline employee followers (examples above) so we can show the airlines and hotels how you are making such a significant contribution to the recovery of our industry. Email them to: [email protected]  

Oh, and don't forget to spread the word internally to your Airline Employee colleagues! The more than join in and help the better! Here are some example posts of how you can also spread the word on "internal airline employee Facebook Groups" and help to grow the community of airline employees helping to speed up the recovery of the airline and tourism industry!

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With 'Think Ahead' and 'Nothing to Lose' campaigns such as the ones being rolled out by Staff Travel Voyage, you can book incredible hotel deals ahead of time, in conjunction with your ID/ZED flight tickets, with the safe knowledge you can cancel at any time FREE of charge up to and including the day of check in - including being bumped from flights - and make date changes at any time FREE of charge if you decide to postpone your trip until later.

These 'Think Ahead' Deals for Airline Employees offer simply unprecedented rates and added value employee benefits, they won't be around for long, and probably never again, so secure yourself a place ahead of time while you can. There are Global destinations to choose from. Show and tell the general public you are planning ahead and have confidence. It will in turn get them to do the same and start booking air tickets with your employer airline. 

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