Staff Travel Vision ~ with Flight Attendant Paul Hudspith!


Introducing Paul Hudspith, International Flight Attendant and Mad Traveller ~  and Staff Travel Vision ~ a new way to see our great hotels and wonderful destinations!

What better way to see our hotels and cool destinations than with short VBLOG videos and unbiased reviews from our guest videographer, airline flight attendant and mad traveller Paul Hudspith! Be warned Paul is a little crazy as you will see, in fact his alias is 'Mad Traveller'!! ~ Be sure to like the vids!

Click HERE for the Dominican Republic VBLOGS

 Click HERE for the Bali VBLOGS

 Click HERE for Dubai VBLOGS

Click HERE for The Seychelles VBLOG 

 Click HERE for The Maldives VBLOGS 

 Click HERE for Mauritius VBLOGS 

 Click HERE for the Rome VBLOGS

 Click HERE for Nepal VBLOGS 

 Click HERE for Hong Kong VBLOGS

 Click HERE for Morocco VBLOGS

 More Destination and Hotel VBLOG's coming very soon!



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