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For Travel Industry Employees 

Over 2000 amazing hotels and tours in over 200 countries at highly reduced travel industry rates. Exclusively and only for employees of travel agents, tour operators and airline employees and their families.
Staff Identification I.D. required on check-in.

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This staff website is mobile phone friendly however some features may not work efficiently due to mobile phone operating system providers regularly making updates, and with so much content it is best viewed on a regular computer/laptop or Ipad.  

Click 'Destination' in the box on the top right hand side of any page (or on the drop down menu on mobile phones) to switch between countries or use our interactive map on the Home Page. New Hotel & Tour rates are being uploaded every day so if you do not see what you are looking for check back again soon!

Why Staff Travel Voyage (STV)

Since 1989 … The founders of STV have extensive experience with selling and promoting travel industry staff holidays, and promoting and marketing the tourism industry to the travel trade in all corners of the globe dating back to 1989. You couldn’t be in better hands. It is 30 years of history and know how in this business that has enabled us to source and seek out some of the most stunning destinations and deals available. ​We do not sell flights or staff air-tickets. We only provide specially priced hotels/accommodation and tours on this website for you to use in conjunction with your concessionary staff flight tickets 

How this Staff Holiday website works

This fully interactive and exciting website offers you a wealth of informative and educational information to best help you plan your holiday.
Full screen picture galleries, videos, music, satellite imagery, maps, pdf downloads, actual and forecasted weather links, and a flight 'schedules guide' are designed to make this a one-stop holiday Centre for travel industry staff. Please note some "click-to" images and maps may open in a 'different tab' at the top of your browser page, enabling you to quickly switch between the original page and the image opened - no need to "click-back" after you have opened it, just 'close' that tab. 

Be sure to look out for extra staff bonuses ~ available at many/most hotels


"This past March I went to the Puerto Plata Village Resort with Staff Travel Voyage, and talk about super bang for your buck. It was absolutely stellar for the price, and I am looking forward to going again
... Thanks for your efforts in helping us industry employees enjoy our time off on minimal coin
- Anthony R. Samuels AIR CANADA Lester B. Pearson International Airport TORONTO"



Currency Converter

All rates are shown in the currency set by the local hotel/tour company.. You do not pay Staff Travel Voyage, you pay directly at this rate which avoids currency fluctuations. If you would like to get an indication of the price in your own currency, click where you see the 'Currency Converter' button.


Our Global Offices
Through our 89 global Country Marketing Offices, we promote STV and our exclusive international hotels and tours to travel trade employees living in over 200 countries around the world!…so we are responsible for reaching out and moving and educating travel industry staff resident from the depths of South to North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, throughout Asia to Australasia and even the Pacific. Wherever you live in the world, if you are actively employed in the travel industry, STV is your one-stop personal and private holiday centre.

We do more than just list hotels!
We do not simply list hotel rates like other industry rate providing companies, we extensively detail our hotel and land-tour packages partners, each with their own dedicated page, filled with detailed and informative information, extensive picture galleries and videos. You need not look anywhere else for your own private travel-industry-staff holiday accommodation, and with our simple automated booking system, you can quickly and easily search the planet for some of the greatest staff rates in the most diverse and spectacular destinations.

Tourism Ambassadors – That is You!
So why do our hotels and exclusive tour companies offer you such special rates and deals? It is lot more than to just fill up empty rooms as you can imagine!
As an industry professional actively employed in the travel industry, our suppliers greatly respect and appreciate your loyalty, and invite you to spend your own personal holiday in their hotel or to try out one of their great tours and excursions. By giving you this special opportunity and rate, they hope you will reciprocate wherever you can when you return home to work, and actively promote and sell their services to your own clients, friends and associates (of course not at these rates – these are for you and your family to enjoy on your own personal holiday). Who knows if you are a tour operator maybe you would like to work with them in the future for your own business and become partners. 

Tourism and You are helping to Save our Planet
We are all aware of the issues that our unique and spectacular planet faces in this day and age – climate change is a something we hear almost every day, but there are also tremendous atrocities going on in all hidden corners of the world, many man-made or many that with human intervention could be stopped – endangered wildlife, rainforest destruction and the vanishing of age-old indigenous people and cultures. The many Environmental Protections Agencies that are dedicated to these causes need our help! Other than donations, the single best thing you can do to help them is to ‘spread the Word’ about what you see….Please Help!

Tourism is primarily driven by people visiting other places – given that very often the reason for a tourist to travel somewhere is to see our planet's natural treasures – be it landscape, wildlife or people and cultures, and given that if these beautiful natural treasures disappear these destinations will no longer be attractive to visitors , we as Tourism Ambassadors, are in a great position, and should do our part wherever we can, to help save these treasures and the world in which we live.  

The fundamental objective and goal of STV and this website is to educate you…the travel industry…about the wonderful destinations and their hotels and tourism suppliers around the world, enabling you to use your vital position to ‘spread the word’ and promote what you have seen to the world. So when you speak about the lovely hotels you have visited, don’t forget to speak about the wonderful natural treasures you have seen and in particular help pass the message that many of these places are in dire need of protection.

Awareness is the name of our game – and as tourism ambassadors we should all help where we can to ensure what we see is not destroyed and remains to be seen for many generations to come. 

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