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Tahiti Nui Travel has been the undisputed leader in travel in Tahiti and Her Islands since 1965.

Tahiti Nui Travel is a full service travel company dedicated to offering the finest experiences to clients visiting the Islands of French Polynesia for over 45 years. No other company has a better pedigree or more heritage servicing this beautiful destination. Our team of Polynesian experts will help you create the most extraordinary memories in our islands: Tahiti vacations, romantic escapes, honeymoons or anniversaries in Bora Bora, milestone events parties, family holidays, luxury island cruises, spa getaways, diving and snorkelling adventures, wedding celebrations, and much more.

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We offer a range of carefully selected products, in order to bring you the best of the Islands of Tahiti: world-class accommodations, genuinely Polynesian style hotels, barefoot luxury and castaway islands, as well as luxury eco-resorts. We know the unique characteristics of the hotels and what is so special about each property; ask us for advice so that we may create a bespoke holiday based on your specific requirements.

Our philosophy lies in the unrivalled beauty of Tahiti and her islands. French Polynesia is home to 118 islands, warm and welcoming locals, unique scenery and age-old culture. This wealth and variety requires a depth of knowledge which we have been developing since our creation in 1965. Being the leading inbound travel agency of Tahiti & Her Islands pushes us to follow up our quest of improvement in the quality of services we provide. We are constantly seeking for exclusiveness in both our product ranges and the tools that we use.

At your service

Our mission is to help you to organise travel plans to Tahiti and Her Islands and provide continuous support before, during and after your holidays. With our knowledge and expertise, you can be assured that you will have a memorable experience in our islands. Tahiti and Her Islands are home to 118 islands, warm and welcoming locals, unique sceneries and ancient culture. Our philosophy lies in this unrivalled beauty, that you will only believe once you have witnessed it.

Polynesia and its treasures

Every trip to Polynesia is unique and should be handled as such, no matter what the purpose and nature of the trip. We pride ourselves on our teams’ knowledge of the destinations and the detailed understanding they have of our tour operator and travel agent clients’ requirements to provide the best packages and the best welcome to travellers.

Our passion for the destination means we strive to provide the regular packages and hotel options, but also unique accommodation, packages and trips off the beaten track. A holiday in Polynesia is always an unforgettable experience and our ever-improving service means we can provide flawless products and logistics.

Our special rates for travel industry staff are shown and can be booked on the previous French Polynesia page, but if your travel agency seeks a highly professional DMC for your clients in French Polynesia, contact Tahiti Nui Travel. 

Our team inspects all the available accommodation options, services and excursions, to ensure they meet our demanding quality criteria. The Tahiti Nui Travel gives you their guarantee of the best holiday possible for your clients, and a warm Polynesian welcome.

We provide you with every component required for a Polynesian holiday:

  • International flights
  • Domestic flights between the islands
  • Transfers
  • International or more traditional hotel accommodation
  • Local accommodation
  • Cruises
  • Dives
  • VIP service
  • Themed or bespoke holidays
  • Excursions
  • And more

What we offer

  • Competitive purchase prices and the best special offers
  • The widest variety of rooms at each destination
  • Exceptional marketing expertise about the destination and your market
  • Excellent scope for negotiation with all our local partners
  • We strive for flawless service on a daily basis.
  • Our marketing service will help you design packages, brochures and marketing tools with local partners.
  • Our knowledgeable multilingual reservation service will handle your quotation and booking requests within 24 hours.
  • Our operations teams will welcome your clients, take them to their accommodation and provide assistance from their arrival to departure.
  • Our fleet of 7 air-conditioned buses and 26 minibuses provide unrivalled comfort.
  • Our PR service provides assistance where necessary.
  • Online tools to keep our team connected​

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