Google Analytic Reports - STV page views

Hotel participation on the STV website is not only about bookings!

The STV website provides an unprecedented awareness and educational platform
and direct connection to the worlds travel industry employees

Our hotel pages provide extensive and informative information and are designed and laid out to ensure even the industry staff that do not book their personal holiday with the hotel, still become educated and aware of the property and it's services. Click here for example hotel page listing 

On average we find that for every 100 travel agents/industry employees that book and visit one of our hotel partners on holiday (becoming self educated in house), 10,000 more are driven to the same hotel page via our marketing activities and spend on average 2 minutes reading and becoming educated remotely, and become actively in a position to sell and promote the hotel onwards to their own clients and people they come into contact with. 

Examples of Google Analytic Reports we provide our hotels and tourist boards

Click on the logos below to view and see how many industry staff read about our hotels and destinations

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