Bhutan is a tiny, remote and impoverished kingdom nestling in the Himalayas between its powerful neighbours, India and China. Almost completely cut off for centuries, it has tried to let in some aspects of the outside world while fiercely guarding its ancient traditions. It only began to open up to outsiders in the 1970s.

There is the amazing Himalayan landscape, where snowcapped peaks rise above shadowy gorges cloaked in primeval forests. Taking up prime positions in this picture-book landscape are the majestic fortress-like dzongs and monasteries.

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    Introduction to Bhutan ~ 3 Nights/4 Days

    Get ready to explore a whole different world on our introductory tour of Bhutan. This small nation is the home of the Himalayas, which has long kept much of the influence of globalization from interfering with their pristine environment and ancient culture.

    Splendours of Bhutan ~ 5 Nights/6 Days

    Get to know the splendours of Bhutan on our five night, six day tour. This tour will give you a chance to really get to know this beautiful kingdom while hitting all of Bhutan’s best cultural highlights. If you’re the kind of traveler who likes to truly take in a nation’s history, landscape, and culture, our Splendours of Bhutan tour is right for you!

    1 Week in the Kingdom ~ 7 Nights/8 Days

    Though Bhutan is a small kingdom, there’s no end to the sights to see and adventures to enjoy. Our one week tour of this kingdom gives you just enough time to see everything Bhutan has offer while savoring all of the sights, sounds, and smells of this beautiful kingdom.

    Royal Bhutan Tour ~ 8 Nights/9 Days

    There’s no better way to see the mountain kingdom of Bhutan than with our Royal Bhutan tour. Get to know the real Bhutan and all of its mysteries on this eight night tour.

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