Situated in southwestern South America, the Republic of Chile consists of a narrow strip of  land between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, and it offers an endless list of possibilities for adventurers and wanderers. The most southern place of the world!

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    Easter Island National Park Tour ~ 3 nights /4 days

    The island's own people named it Te pito o Te henua that means "the navel of the world." Whatever you might call the island, one thing is for sure: Its giant moai statues will leave you curious and awestruck.

    San Pedro De Atacama Tour ~ 3 Nights/ 4 Days

    San Pedro de Atacama is a village that still retains its essence and its own people maintain most of its traditions, culture and architecture (which extends to modern hotels built in the style of the prevailing architecture of the village).

    Easter Island ~ 3 Nights/4 Days All inclusive Package

    This all inclusive package will see you stay at Hare Noi, one of the newest and most exclusive hotels on Easter Island, offering nine intimate rooms and incredible excursions to experience the history of Rapa Nui. 

    San Pedro de Atacama ~ 3 Nights/4 Days All inclusive Package

    Noi Casa Atacama is not just another hotel in San Pedro de Atacama; boasting unique arichitecture in a stuning desert setting, it offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy a novel experience not to be missed.

    Chiloe Island ~ 3 Nights/4 Days All inclusive Package

    You're invited to discover the force of nature, peace, quiet, and Chiloé’s special identity, from the comfort of a warm hotel and with the convinience of an All Inclusive program

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