​Probably the most diverse of African countries, with a plethora of spectacular wild game safari opportunities, the opportunity to scale Mount Kilimanjaro, and the chance to relax on the idyllic Indian Ocean Island beach destination of Zanzibar - all in one fun packed exciting holiday. We even offer self drive safaris with 4 wheel drive vehicles with built-in tented roofs!

​From Wildlife Safaris to sandy beaches and history-filled ruins, Tanzania has everything anyone would want in a perfect exotic holiday. Enjoy the beautiful colours while the rising sun floods the cool grasslands, and observe school children walk along roadsides, or vendors while they set out their wares. Above all, experience the hospitality of the local people while they welcome you into their unique culture and traditions. Visit the capital, Dar Es Salaam, one of the most relaxed cities you will have seen and don’t miss the island of Zanzibar, only a short ferry ride away.


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