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Latest Winners of our monthly Free Holiday Vacation Competition!
5 Star Resorts, Helicopters and Luxury Yachts in the Mediterranean

It could be YOU next ... Lots of new WAC FREE holiday prize trips are ready to be won AGAIN next month!... Join in the fun and the BIGGEST ever Global Airline Employee competition! Don't miss out and register here quick, it is FREE for airline employees living anywhere in the world to register and be automatically entered! Next draw date 31 March 2018


Natalia Prusakova ~ Delta Airlines Flight Attendant NYC - WINS August 2017

Follow the adventures of AA, LH, DL & VS airline employees as their extraordinary adventures unfold! Help to support them!

Follow and like the story on Facebook and read the AA winners blog here. Hopefully the 4 of them are also off on another extraordinary adventure with more helicopters, Ferrari's and Wing Walking in the UK!!


Julie Craven Benneddeb ~ American Airlines Flight Attendant MIA - WINS July 2017

/_assets/RjM5cW5kTHpoTDhBcDMzNWdtNWUvZz09 What is WAC?

WAC is the biggest inter-airline competition ever! It is open for any airline employee to enter and involves 4 stages ~ each with an incredible Free adventure!

In this round, Julie Craven-Benneddeb, the winner from American Airlines (MIA) is through to the 1/4 finals! and will go head-to-head with the winner from Lufthansa (Manuela Faber LEJ, Delta Airlines (Natalia Prusakova NYC) and Virgin Atlantic UK (Claire Phillps). 
This is how it works!.....

All four finalists have WON this incredible adventure to the Spanish Island of Mallorca! Julie, Manuela and Natalia have already been on their adventure and the VS winner arrives soon. When they return they publish Facebook posts of their extraordinary adventure and invite all their own fellow airline colleagues to view and like them. If they get to a certain level of likes they are through to win another simply astonishing Free holiday with more helicopters, a Ferrari and even sky diving!....and this is only the beginning!

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Look at what they WIN ... it's Spectacular! 

** There are 4 x 1/4 Finalists with a Guaranteed Extraordinary Free holiday to Mallorca (see below)
** If successful in getting enough of their fellow airline colleagues to 'Like' their Mallorca FB post = Another Guaranteed Free holiday (click here to read more!
(if they don't then they are OUT, and will be replaced by a contender from a new and different airline applicant who will continue in the competition!)
** Then the two 1/4 finalists that get the most 'Likes' for their 2nd Free holiday blog go into the Semi Finals and both win yet another extraordinary Free Holiday!
** The 2 Semi Finalists then go head-to-head after their semi final free holiday and one of them will be the Grand Winner!
** What does the Grand Winner get? ... watch this space! It only gets better!...we are already in touch with Elon Musk and Virgin Galactic!

The 1/4 Finals are underway.....

The Free Holiday to Mallorca!

** Day 1:  Met true VIP style air-side at Palma airport and be transported by Mercedes to the 5 Star Fontsana Thermal Spa and Wellness Resort to relax after your flight! Enjoy a complete day of relaxation, thermal bath treatments and pampering with lunch! A spectacular local dinner at nearby local village.

Font Santa Hotel is a 5 star hotel located in Campos in the Southern part of Mallorca and offers the only natural 'thermal waters' in the Balearic Islands. Click on the logo below to read more about this amazing resort


** DAY 2:  After breakfast check out and move on to the prestgeous Cala D'or Yacht Marina to board and enjoy a full day out on board a Luxury Yacht with a champagne lunch, drinks and loads of fun worth $2500!

Cruise the many and splendid bays and coves and hide from the paparazzi from the comfort and privacy of your luxury yacht! Around 6pm anchor in Cala Ferrera/Serena in front of the luxury Robinson Club Cala Serena Resort for some final cocktails on board!
Click on the logo below to read more about this amazing yacht!


** DAY 3 From the yacht enjoy a super VIP Yacht-shore champage check in! 

Rest, relaxation and fun awaits you. A experience at Robinson Club Cala Serena is unforgetable! Located in a beautiful bay, raised slightly above sea level on a small peninsula, this beautiful green resort will excite your senses! Enjoy a gourmet dinner, breakfast and lunch the next day and full day to explore and enjoy the facilities! 

Click on the logo below to read more about this amazing resort! 


Now it is time for a really Crazy Adventure!

Picked up like royalty directly from the vineyard and be lifted into the air with Rotorflug ~ Mallorca's premier helicopter sightseeing and adventure company! Fly over the marina and private bays from your previous day on the yacht, and then fly 30 minutes up and over the Tramuntana Mountain range before setting down at the private Ca N'Aí Finca restored farmhouse for a gourmet lunch by the pool! Click on the logo below to read more about Rotoflug and the image map below to see the flight plan!  

/_assets/UGlYMG1GdDU3bkpqbFIzYzJkdjNQQT09        /_assets/THBrb0s1UC9ycHpZTmtkTG93cmN5dz09

** DAY 4: After breakfast off for some wine tasting and a visit to the local vineyards and tour of the Bodega! 

The Son Alegre bodega is a biodynamic organic wine producing vineyard renowned for its spectacular wines! Enjoy a tour and for sure too much wine before your own personal helicopter fly's in to pick you up!

Click below to read more about Son Alegre! 



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