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Hey Ho! I am Alberto Belda, Flight Attendant for Emirates Airlines. I love to travel all around the World, exploring and discovering new places, especially if there is some hiking or cycling involved! I am also a foody person, so trying local dishes is also a must wherever I go. I love sharing my experiences with other fellow industry employees to help them plan their own trips. Through my job I get to travel the world over and stay in a myriad of hotels, so hopefully my thoughts and reviews help and are of value!

Check out my latest "Flight Attendant Review Blog" of the Incredible and Famous "Atlantis The Palm" Resort in Dubai!

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Hotel Review & Blog 23 January 2019

The Perfect place to take my girlfriend!

I actually live in Dubai working for Emirates, but after a series of long flights I do like to relax and have fun in a bit of luxury, and the Atlantis is the perfect resort to do just that! There is simply so much to do, singles, couples & families alike will love this hotel and for sure never get bored!  

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Getting to the Atlantis

Not much to say for this...Everyone knows Dubai, it retains its position as having the worlds number one airport connecting 240 global destinations served by 140 airlines. In 2018 it serviced over 90 million passengers! I already live here, but I am sure pretty much anyone can find an easy way to jet in to this metropolis!


From the airport you will be able to take a taxi directly to Atlantis (approximately AED 100, about usd $25). Alternatively, take the Dubai Metro from the Metro station at your terminal towards Jebel Ali. Stop at Mall of the Emirates Station, and take a taxi directly to Atlantis, The Palm.



Welcome to the Atlantis The Palm!

You will definitely feel welcome when you arrive, guests are treated like royalty with great excitement! And not surprising there is simply so much to do here. This luxury 5 star resort hotel is located at the end of the famous palm in Dubai is a perfect place for a vacation or 'staycation' if you already live in Dubai. The lobby itself is a museum, with its wall paintings, its holding lamps with Murano glass and its deco, even a big Rolex watch, will leave you with no words!

The imperial hotel has direct access to a private beach, the well known Nasimi beach where Dj´s like David Guetta or Tiesto have performed, and also counts with 2 pools, a Water park, an Aquarium and different award winning restaurants.



Things to do!

The Lost Chambers Aquarium: The biggest single chamber Aquarium in the UAE and Africa with more than 65.000 fish and marine life including sharks and sting rays. I spent about 2 hours  watching them, it's just so relaxing!


Sealion point: How cute and funny are sea lions? I love them and I also had the chance to touch them and take a selfie. The hotel offers everyday a selfie event, giving you the opportunity to pose and take a picture with the sea lions, and everything for free! It is based on a first come first serve basis with approx 20 spots. So arrive early!


We were also lucky to see the scuba divers feeding the sharks and other marine life, they do it once a day, an amazing experience, they seem to know it's time to eat and come for food. We also saw and learnt how divers communicate under water by signs, very interesting and may be useful in the future, you never know ha ha! 


The Waterpark: Big enough to spend the whole day there! My favorite ride, the shark attack, a one or two person inner-tube and journey down ending in the middle of a shark-filled lagoon, so cool!, the one I will never do again, Poseidon´s Revenge…….you try it yourself and let me know…….just the name scares me!


Fitness. The hotel also has a state-of-the-art gym and Spa, a tennis court, 2 pools with different water activities and a jogging track. All you need for a perfect work out! Also nice to mention just in front of the hotel there is a bike hiring point where you can rent a bike and go cycling around the palm, or just go for a walk by sunset!





Dine 'till you drop!

You are gonna need to stay for a long time if you want to try all the options Atlantis offers…..We were based on a half board rate, so we had breakfast and dinner included at Saffron, very famous for it´s Friday brunch, and Kaleidoscope, in my little opinion the BEST restaurant in the WORLD ! It´s basically one restaurant with 8 mini restaurants/stations inside. 


You can find all kind of starters and fresh salads, Mediterranean cuisine, including pizzas and pastas, Indian food, with paratha, naan, tandoori, curry..... Chinese, with yummy dim sum and noodles, Arabic, with hummus and chicken/lamb kebab, Japanese, with sushi and all type of raw fishes, a meat section, with one of the best roasted beef I ever had, a bread station with all kind of imaginable breads and a huge dessert station for a sweet ending including a chocolate fountain! Crazy! ​Tip: Book a table with Aquarium view for a perfect dinner experience.

And then the 4 award winning restaurants, starting from Bread street Kitchen by the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, followed by Ronda Locatelli by the popular Italian chef Georgio Locatelli, Nobu by the famous Japanese chef Nobuyuki "Nobu" Matsuhisa and Ossiano, the underwater restaurant with the Aquarium view, one of the most romantic places in Dubai.


Celebrity chefs come to Dubai from time to time so you may be lucky and meet one of them, I was not lucky enough though but hey! So many good choices, so hard to choose from........but I am sure you will never go wrong! All of them will please your palate! 




Check out the rooms at the Atlantis! They seem designed to immerse their guests in absolute comfort and unparalleled luxury. Complete with spectacular views of the azure waters of the Arabian Sea, or across the beach and over the iconic Palm and magnificent Dubai skyline.

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There is even the famous Signature Underwater Suite - unfortunately I didn't get to stay in that one! but the room I did get was huge! Totally luxurious with everything we needed. I was told 90% of the rooms are interconnecting, making Atlantis the perfect choice for any family holiday in Dubai I'm sure!



Super Kid & Family Friendly!

One thing I loved about the Atlantis is it suits everyone. I don't have kid's and do like some peace and quite when I go on vacation! The resort is so big and because the child facilities are so good, this meant that I got what I was looking for! So I didn't spend too much time looking at the child facilities, but rest assured they are superb and very extensive!

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They have a KIDS CLUB, a KIDS ZONE, a little PIRATES PLAYGROUND, the run SPECIAL EVENTS and also provide a BABY SITTING service...So you can't possibly go wrong at the Atlantis if you are looking for a family friendly hotel!



In Summary ...

Words and pictures cannot really do justice to this simply enormous and amazing resort hotel in Dubai - you need to see it to believe it! I booked an amazing airline/industry staff deal at the Atlantis and you can do same by clicking on the link below....Hope you enjoyed my Blog - I also have one for the Kandima Maldives Resort I visited in January - and more to come! be sure to look out for them all and check them out! Us Flight Attendant's give great reviews and reliable 3rd party opinions as they get to see the world and experience so many hotels! Happy Travels to my fellow industry staff and don't forget to spread the word about this hotel, it's what we do best! Alberto Belda


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