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Storytelling Hospitality

We are a Mexican based hotel company originated in Cancun City, created to operate our own 5, 4 and 3 star brands in both beach and city destinations, which bring innovative concepts that enable us to create unique experiences.

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Óleo Cancún Playa Opens February 2017!


Óleo Hotels

Though each is unique in design and character, Óleo Hotels are united by one essential trait: Local inspiration. By offering an artistic, modern and innovative reflection of their immediate surroundings, Óleo destinations provide a gateway to a life better traveled. We believe that life is a white canvas, and that is why we are the place for reinvention.

In this spirit, Óleo Hotels feature bohemian chic, one-of-a-kind retreats that allow travelers to experience the places they visit on a more organic, personal, and handcrafted level. A great hotel shouldn’t just expose you to a new city; it should reveal something about yourself that you never knew existed. Each Óleo experience brings you closer to the local culture by introducing you to the work of new and experimental local artists through spontaneous showrooms located throughout the hotel.



Our Culture

We are committed to surprise and thrill you by changing the way you experience hospitality. Our structure is horizontal. This creates an effective decision making with over 100 accumulated years of experience in the market, which in turn, allows us to target key opportunities in the hospitality business.

Our partners in ADH have owned hotels in the past and they’ve proven their successful operational and commercial capacity. We where born next to one of the most relevant wholesalers of the industry and we anchor our comercial success in consolidated strategic alliances. We know that in order to be successful, our concepts must grow in scale. Hence, Atelier de Hoteles owns the first products of the chain, seeking continuity in our active search for new hotels for a constant and dynamic development.

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The Concept

While designing our products, we’ve analyzed the needs of both our guests and investors. Through constant innovation, we seek to satisfy the guests who wonder for new concepts that will fit their lifestyle. As for our investors, we are strongly committed to bring them an attractive and sustainable profitability.

The concept offers hotels in European Plan for urban experience and an All Inclusive plan (Adults Only) for the beach, which in both cases will provide our customers comfort and functionality in an environment that will allow them to have fun and relax. Atelier hopes to stir guests to the core, by engaging them in artistic experiences leading them to think outside the box. Atelier honors the best of the local contemporary artistic expressions and transforms them into an ultimate edgy experience. Hospitality that surprises and thrills.

The concept offers a 4 star hotel in European Plan for the urban experience and an All Inclusive (Family Friendly) plan for the beach. We provide each guest with efficiency and quality in an environment that allows each guest to develop their own work and have fun at their own pace. By finding balance between connectivity, entertainment and hospitality, Estudio offers each guest the option to enhance their perception of value. This product reflects an innovative hospitality where technology, aesthetics, social awareness and local contemporary gastronomy are reflected in a unique experience.

The concept hopes to dignify 3 star hospitality by bringing a functional, yet fun, and cozy experience. MET takes care of its guest as if they were at home, understanding that the value of operative efficiency goes hand in hand with a freeing experience. Proof of this is the 24/7 Grab and Go deli MET offers to its guests.

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We consider our human differences make us grow, give us strength and embrace innovation, which in hand, is what makes Atelier de Hoteles function. For this reason, as we develop our concepts and experiences we wish to involve those who are willing to break the paradigms of traditional hospitality with fresh ideas and new points of view. The more diverse it is, the more creative it gets.

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    Oleo Cancun Playa ~ Cancun

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    A one of a kind bohemian chic hotel! One of the few hotels with stunning views of the ocean to the east and Nichupte Lagoon to the west. Óleo Cancún Playa was designed for travellers seeking a deeper, more personal connection to the real Caribbean.

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