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With more than sixty years’ experience, Beachcomber effortlessly represents five star holidays in Mauritius and the Seychelles. Its handpicked portfolio epitomises Inidan Ocean retreats at their finest, representing the highest quality when it comes to luxury and variety.

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Our vocation is already in our name:

Beachcomber, one who walks along the beach to discover the treasures the sea has left on the shore.

As a Mauritian company, and pioneer of the hospitality industry in Mauritius, we are aware of the gift nature has given us: to live in one of the most beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean. We have chosen to share this gift with the world by creating a family of resorts, giving our guests the opportunity to live exceptional moments. We believe that the beauty of our resorts is enhanced by the quality of our service and the kindness of our teams.

It is our belief: the beauty of a place inspires the beauty of the heart. It is also our promise: to cultivate the art of beauty in all its dimensions. Our responsibility for the gift that nature has given us is to pass it on to future generations, whilst taking care of each member of our teams. Each person is, and will remain, a true artisan of Beachcomber's very personal idea of hospitality


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Pioneer and leader

Beachcomber Hotels is recognized as the pioneer of the Mauritian hotel industry, its first hotel having been constructed in 1952. The group owns and manages eight luxury hotels in Mauritius, one island-resort in the Seychelles and a Palace in Marrakech thus providing the best in the choice of hospitality and quality of service in the Indian Ocean region.

Beachcomber Hotels consolidates its reputation as the market leader by constantly improving its products and range of commercial offers.

The ingredients for success

  • A wide and diversified offer: 
    2,077 rooms (1,990 in Mauritius, representing 17% of the total number of rooms available on the island)
  • Constant investment:
    288,2 million euros invested since 1999 in the construction and renovation of the group’s hotels.


Beachcomber, the Art of Beautiful

Hotels and Resorts in Mauritius
Our eight Mauritius hotels  have some of the island’s best beachfront locations. From the stunning sunsets at Le Victoria to the manicured golf course backdrop of Paradis, each Beachcomber resort has a unique feel. 

We have more facilities than you could experience in a lifetime of holidays. Whether you need a tennis coach or a helipad, our resorts offer an unrivalled luxury experience. And our reservations team can give you advice on every detail of your trip.

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