Dazzler Hotels

Our goal for Dazzler Hotels is to represent the perfect synthesis between a functional aesthetic, comfortable spaces, and quality service. Our ability to combine these three characteristics makes us an exciting new upscale hotel brand.

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About us

What distinguish the Dazzler Hotel are its strategic and prime locations -on main avenues, dining areas, and commercial districts- in addition to the comfort it provides its guests. This ensures that the Dazzler chain provides guests a modern option aimed at both corporate tourism as well as the recreational option. 

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Our hotels

Dazzler Hotels offers 14 hotels and presence in 10 cities throughout America.

USA: New York, Dazzler Brooklyn

PERU: Lima, Dazzler Lima

Montevideo, Dazzler Montevideo
Colonia, Dazzler Colonia

Asunción, Dazzler Asuncíon


  • City Of Buenos Aires 
    • Dazzler Polo
    • Dazzler Palermo
    • Dazzler San Martín
    • Dazzler Maipú
    • Dazzler San Telmo
    • Dazzler Recoleta
  • Province Of Buenos Aires 
    •  Dazzler Campana
  • Puerto Madryn 
    • Dazzler Puerto Madryn
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