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With a rich heritage dating back to 1979, Regal Hotels International offers travellers extraordinary services and luxury amenities. 

With a portfolio consisting of 9,500 rooms and around 96 restaurants and bars, Regal is one of the largest hotel operators in Hong Kong, with an expanding presence in mainland China. Regal's long-standing commitment to quality, its attention to detail and its world-class hotel management have enabled it to become one of Asia's preeminent hotel brands.

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Hotel Portfolio

Regal Hotels International is one of the largest hotel operators in Hong Kong, currently managing twenty-five hotels in Asia. Committed to exceeding the needs of each and every guest, all Regal Hotels provide first class international guestrooms and facilities including state-of-the-art meeting rooms. 

Under Regal’s portfolio, there are eight hotels in Hong Kong, namely Regal Airport Hotel, Regal Hongkong Hotel, Regal Kowloon Hotel, Regal Oriental Hotel, Regal Riverside Hotel, iclub Fortress Hill Hotel, iclub Sheung Wan Hotel and iclub Wan Chai Hotel. 

In China Mainland, Regal operates and manages hotels in cities including Regal Kangbo Hotel and Regal Kangbo Hotel & Residence in Dezhou, Regal Airport Hotel, Xi’an in Xi’an and four hotels in Shanghai, namely Regal International East Asia Hotel, Regal Jinfeng Hotel, Regal Plaza Hotel & Residence and Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel. 

Ten separate Regal Hotels will be opened within the next few years in Hong Kong and major cities in China including Anyang, Chengdu, Foshan, Kunshan, Weinan, Yantai and Zhengzhou.


Our brands

Regal Royale
Regal Royale offers stylish and plush facilities with an exclusive level of comfort and personalised service. From elegant surroundings of exquisite quality, a dedicated 24-hour club lounge service, to state-of-the-art meetings and guest room features and amenities, Regal Royale provides its guests with unforgettable and distinctive experiences.

Regal Hotels
Regal Hotels are 4 to 5 star hotels with international standards of comfort. Each Regal Hotel offers its own unique character providing spacious, full-service accommodation, well-equipped work areas, a choice of dining and entertainment venues, and comprehensive meeting and conference facilities. 

Regal Residence
Regal Residence incorporates a luxury hotel and residential condominiums into a single development program. Inhabitants have access to all the services and amenities of a five-star hotel, namely concierge, room service, valet, housekeeping, gourmet restaurants and other recreational facilities. Residents will have the convenience and amenities of a hotel, yet live in comfort and privacy. 

iclub is a select service hotel brand under the Regal Group. With simple and chic decor, all iclub hotels are designed for optimum functionality for the self-sufficient and tech savvy travellers. Understanding the guests’ lifestyle and needs, iclub hotels provide the right products and services, connecting guests to the benefits of a prime location, and satisfying both their business and leisure needs. 


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