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Adaaran Select Hudhuran Fushi ~ Maldives

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STV Super Specials
What do these rates mean?

* STV Super Specials are STV's usual SUPER Discounted Special rates, GENUINELY and STRICTLY ONLY available for TRAVEL INDUSTRY Employees resident globally, and are classified as an Employee Benefit. (Available to Airline, Travel Agent, Tour Operator, ATC & Airport Handling Agent Employees)

* You must be a Travel Industry Employee and you must be registered with STV (Free) to be able to book our STV Super Special rates.

* Minimum one Travel Industry Employee per room. You are required to present your I.D. / proof of employment on check-in.

* There is no limit to the number of bookings per year you can book (unless stated otherwise)

* Friends and Family cannot book STV Super Special Rates. They can accompany you but must stay in the same room as you (some hotels permit an extra room for Friends & Family and if so this will be stated on the hotel page, but you must always be included in the booking and be staying at the hotel).

* PAYMENT & CANCELLATION: With STV Super Special rates you only need to pay a very small refundable deposit within 14 days of making your booking, or right away if travelling short notice, and the main balance of the booking is paid direct to the hotel, usually on check-in. It is FREE to cancel or amend dates for your booking, often right up to and including the day of check-in, making these rates great for standby travelers (see each hotels payment & cancellation terms). When you make a booking request with STV Super Special rates and it is confirmed, you do not need to go ahead with the booking and can cancel immediately without paying a deposit if you wish.

* Remember STV Super Special Rates are only available for Airline & Travel Industry Employees as an employee benefit and are the lowest rates you will ever find.


* True Airline & Travel Industry Employee rates are known as ON REQUEST. This means you choose your hotel and Super Special rate and submit your booking request through our website and you will receive a response back from the hotel as soon as possible. Because the rate is so highly discounted, the hotel 1st needs to check if they have enough spare rooms to agree to let you pay these exclusive Travel Industry Employee rates. The hotels will often reply to you the same day but be prepared to wait up to 24-48 hours ~ It's worth it!

* BEWARE of other Interline/Agency companies telling you they offer Genuine Airline & Travel Industry Employee rates with 'immediate confirmation'! This is simply not true, and you are being misled. Hotels need to manually check their availability for Genuine Travel Industry employee rates and this can take 1-2 days. This is why they are known as ON REQUEST rates.

* BEWARE. If other companies tell you your Friends and Family can use the same rates as you unaccompanied, you know they are not genuine Travel Industry Rates! No hotels allow Friends & Families to book genuine Airline & Travel Agency Employee rates unaccompanied, so they are simply selling you rates that are also available to the general public through other channels.

STV have different rates available to Friends and Family to enjoy unaccompanied, they are called STV Direct rates. Because we source such rates in bulk and are the only truly global client and leading company selling holidays to Airline and Travel Agency Employees and their Friends and Family (we have served travel industry employees resident in over 200 countries ~ almost every single country on the planet), we always have the lowest STV Direct rates available anywhere. See STV Direct for these great deals for you and your Family.

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About the Resort


An unforgettable holiday experience in the tropical paradise of the Maldives, surrounded by thriving vegetation and pristine waters, The ‘surf island’, Adaaran Select Hudhuran Fushi is an escape for the soul. Reached by discounted Speedboat.

With a range of accommodation options, from garden villas to beach to over-water villas, the island has an adventurous spirit of its own and calls out to those with a penchant for exploration and discovery.



Located in a peaceful seclusion in the north Malé Atoll, the resort is well known for its waves, making it the ideal holiday for surfers and adrenaline junkies. The mature island featuring beautiful greenery along with the inescapable sun, sea and sand is also ideal for families seeking respite.



Garden Villa Maldives
Garden Villas are located throughout the island with convenient access to the hotel facilities, and are equipped with a variety of modern amenities. 

Beach Villas
As its name suggests, the Maldives beach villas by Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi are located along the outline of the atoll with prime beach frontage. They offer convenient access to the beckoning sea and are within easy reach of the hotel facilities.

Deluxe Beach Villas
Equipped with a variety of modern amenities, these Maldives luxury villas present spacious accommodation options for guests spending their holiday at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi.


Family Beach Villas
Newly added Family Beach Villas provides you with spacious accommodation for families coming to the Maldives, Equipped with a variety of modern amenities at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi.


Sunrise Ocean Villas
Enjoy pristine views of the waves caressing the golden shores from one of the top resorts in the Maldives, a privileged perch atop a turquoise universe. 

Sunset Ocean Villas
Walk along a dark wooden causeway into the enticing waters upon which lay their distinct thatched roof Ocean Villas. Featuring wooden exteriors with modernist interiors, each retreat is complimented by bright colours and contemporary design.


Photo Gallery

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Banyan Restaurant
Serving scintillating buffet style meals with a wide variety of food ranging from traditional Maldivian to western cuisines to accommodate the palate of the global traveller. 

Indian Pavilion
Indulge at the Indian Pavilion which serves both North and South Indian Cuisine for both lunch and dinner.


Beach Grill
Offering snacks from 10.00am to 7.00pm and drinks from 10.00am to 10.00pm, Beach Grill is the perfect spot to unwind.


Hiyala Bar
Enjoy an invigorating cocktail by the pool at Hiyala Bar where the fresh breeze keeps the mood on a high note. 

Tiki Bar
With signature cocktails and shisha available from 10.00 am to 12.00pm the Tiki Bar is sure to be a favourite.



The spa at Adaaran Select Hudhuran Fushi presents traditional therapeutic methods to naturally purify both body and mind with a holistic spa experience.

Premium All Inclusive Offering

With menus full of culinary delights that is sure to satiate appetites. The dine around at the resort is an experience by itself, prepared by their expert chefs. Whether it is the surf or the recreation you seek, the Premium All Inclusive offered at Adaaran Select Hudhuran Fushi is sure to make your holiday memorable.



  • Complimentary snorkeling excursions 
  • Complimentary snorkeling fins and masks 
  • Free entrance to the beach party
  • Cookery demonstration (once a week)
  • Cocktail demonstration (once a week)
  • Sunset cruise*
  • Dolphin cruise*