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Where History meets Contemporary Design


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About the Hotel

If you’re a carefree soul with an irrepressible sense of opulence, here’s where you need to be. On the one hand, the sound of the flowing river and the crashing ocean waves will please your soul, on the other hand, the rich architecture dripping with luxury will blow your mind.

This beautiful space also holds a legacy of its own. Inspired by the Galle Fort, it was originally designed by the legendary Geoffery Bawa to evoke a sense of grandeur and heritage.

Only recently, under the guidance of his esteemed student Channa Daswatte, the hotel was refurbished in line with modern tastes. So, if you’re looking for a truly indulgent holiday on a golden beach surrounded by lush gardens and lovely blue waters, this is a perfect choice. 



  • Kids’ Club - Games, activities, sports, board games, art and crafts,
  • kids play area, water sports
  • In-house Artisan Village - Pottery, mask carving, puppet-making,
  • coconut leaf art, drumming lessons, beeralu lessons
  • Playground
  • Gymnasium
  • Excursion counter for curated tours
  • Beach volleyball
  • In-house doctor
  • Fishing
  • Angler corner
  • Souvenir shop
  • Outdoor parking
  • Wheelchair access
  • Differently abled rooms

Spa Ceylon

Let a wave of calm take over your senses
When a holiday transcends all ideas of luxury, it’s only fair you soak up all the infinite bliss it can offer. And, an experience at our specially designed, in-house Spa Ceylon is just perfect for the same. Trust the finest oils, creams and scrubs to be used by the most skilled experts to relieve your every tired muscle.



We cherish the time you spend with us. So, when you’re here for a break, for work, or for a celebration, your comfort becomes our priority.

From the moment you check in, to every experience you have, our ambience and service blend in perfect harmony, creating a string of memorable moments for you.

Premium Terrace
Wake up to golden moments
Premium Rooms are a reminder to stop and smell the roses. With a top view of the hotel's beautiful gardens, it’s difficult to resist the urge. Then, there’s also the pool that will invite you for a few laps every morning and evening.

While the space around engages you, the minimalist aesthetics of the room allow you to just be. So, sink into your comfortable bed and watch your favourite shows on the television. Or, make good use of the wing chair and the ottoman, and lose yourself to a book with your feet up. 


Luxury Sea View
Take a dip in luxury
A wonderful view of the ocean reminds you of how lucky you are to behold nature’s inexplicable beauty.

Suave interiors coupled with premium amenities make you want to call this space your home. While you’re enjoying all of this, a mini bar invites you to raise a toast to good times.

Luxury Beach Access
A wave of luxury.
When you choose to excuse your routine and take a holiday, it’s only fair that you indulge a little. These luxury rooms allow you to do just that.

Soak up the ocean view the minute you wake up, sip on that first refreshing cup of coffee, and drift into a holiday state of mind.

Head out for a day out at the beach, come back for a sundowner and sink into the plush comfort of your room.

The king-sized bed, the contemporary décor and the warm mood lighting are curated to pamper you to bits.


Premium Pool Access
Wake up to golden moments
What’s better than waking up to a lush green garden? Waking up to a lush green garden, and a golden beach! That’s exactly what Upper Category Premium Rooms tempt you with. 

A scenic morning walk by the ocean, a beautiful sunset right on the beach, or a garden with little birds swaying from one bush to another – what sounds more like you? You can have it all.

Junior Suite
A quaint retreat
There’s a certain charm about Portuguese aesthetics that comforts the heart and the mind. Its quaintness and warmth reminds you of Sunday mornings.

Add to that, just the right balance of colours and voila, you’ll slip into bliss.

This suite indulges your little desires in a way that you look forward to returning to the hotel after a fabulous day out at the beach.


Premium Suite
A lush haven
This eco-friendly suite is where the Dedduwa Lake found it’s way metaphorically into the hotel's space.

The décor of this room creates an aura that’s as pleasant as the birdsongs and the rustling of leaves around the lake. 

On the unlikely occasion when you feel like you’ve lounged enough, you might want to walk up to your private balcony that overlooks our expansive gardens.

Yes, once you’re in this suite, you’re truly in nature’s company.


Deluxe Suite
Privacy laced with extravagance
There are very few things that unfold a country’s authentic fabric as exquisitely as its art. Its effortlessly pleasant décor and spaciousness will delight you every lounging moment.

Its French windows make way for your carefree spirit.

Its well-appointed amenities make sure you have everything you need, and more at all times. This is the abode that pampers you while letting you be.​

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Guest Services

  • Concierge service
  • In-room or destination dining
  • A personal lifestylist for the suite wing
  • Pillow menu
  • Babysitting service on request
  • Laundry service


Fuze – Lounge Bar
Indulge the holiday spirit that lets you create life’s best moments. Even if it’s only catching up with your tribe over a few drinks. Even if, that’s after spending an entire day with the same folks.

For this important highlight of your vacation, we house two experiences - one, ‘Drench’, the most stylish swim-up pool bar Bentota has, and two, ‘Fuze’, the lounge bar, that serves the most fun molecular cocktails.

Drench - Pool Bar
It’s interesting how being in the pool becomes much more enjoyable with a drink in the hand. That’s why, the most stylish swim-up pool bar Bentota has, makes sure you don’t waste time getting out of the pool to get one.

So, order a cocktail to sip on while you take another lap and soak in the good life. After all, you’re on holiday!


Sea Meats Spice
The hotel's location is bound to tempt you with an exhaustive list of activities. So, they foresee your sea of hunger to take over every once in a while.

For such times, their seafood restaurant will be at your rescue. This is the only time you’ll go ‘Oh fish!’ and not be disappointed.
Open 11:00-23:00

All Day Dining
Breakfast 06:30-10:00
Lunch 12:30-15:00

Italian Restaurant
Dinner 18:00-22:00

Asian Restaurant

Room Service
Aroung the clock


Weddings at Cinnamon

A match made in heaven
Where do you fancy taking vows – in a classic indoor banquet hall with a large open terrace, or a sprawling garden that overlooks the boundless ocean? If you’re a more private person, the restaurant with gazebos in the garden will cater to your needs.


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