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About the Hotel

Mark the most precious moments of your life, immersed in an extravagant Maldivian rhapsody. Celebrate the priceless around the boundless. There’s an inexplicable rush that surrounds special moments. Reach this resort with our special low priced speedboat transfer (or pay extra for seaplane!)

And you can feel it in waves, in all boundlessness, at the luxurious Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives. So, when you choose to utter the most precious words - “I do” or say them again at a milestone anniversary, this horizon of luxury and beauty makes for the perfect setting.


It also makes for the perfect destination to enjoy your annual family holiday, or that trip with your special one. Dine at the gourmet restaurants serving an international platter in the most scenic setting. Or, simply go fishing with the lovely company you keep. No matter, what you choose to do, here’s where you can savour it in absolute luxury.


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Superior Beach Lofts
For an elevated state of mind. 
The Superior Beach Lofts are designed for those who enjoy the view of the waves crashing onto the sands as much as hopping onto the beach. If you’re one of them, consider the private terrace as your haven. Lounge there, sip on a drink and take in the turquoise of the waters, and the whites of the beach.

As you make memories with your friends, play some music on our portable sound system for a perfect setting. After basking in the sun, retire to the cushiony comfort of your room and feel the soothing ambience lull you into sweet slumber.


Beach Bungalows
Life’s a beach.
When white sands and turquoise waters lure you into a morning jog, you know life’s a beach. You know it’s that, when a picnic out in the sun suddenly becomes a practical idea of fun, and your footprints on the sands trail back into your room. This is the life in our Beach Bungalow.

It gives you the opport unity to get out into the boundless ocean, and dive freely, while inviting you to sleep in the lap of luxury. It’s where adventure and comfort are in absolute harmony.

Water Bungalows
Swing between the luxe and the pristine.
Imagine basking in the sun while sitting on a hammock on your private deck, with rhythmic waves for music. Sounds perfect, right?

You could savour this very experience surrounded by the lovely Maldivian waters, with a stay at the Water Bungalows. Its incessant flow of luxury and the uninterrupted view of the ocean will feel like a match made in heaven. The state of mind it puts you in, will feel like a sweet dream.


Sunset Water Bungalow with Jacuzzi
Sun-kissed extravagance.
The lovely golden sun dipping into turquoise waters - could a sundowner with this view get more surreal? We doubt. However, each of the Sunset Water Bungalows come with a private Jacuzzi, that adds its rejuvenating touch to this beautiful experience.

Dipped in sheer luxury, this well-appointed space is perfect for a lavish holiday around breath-taking Maldivian beauty.

Water Suite with Pool
Plunge into blissful luxury.
There is no luxury greater than the love of your close ones. However, if you’re lucky to have that already, here’s presenting you with an option that complements it perfectly – the Water Suite with a Pool.

Each of them is a spacious, velvety abode, surrounded by azure beauty on all sides, with a terrace and a plunge pool. It gives you excuses to make unforgettable memories and share the most beautiful moments with those you love. We’re not tempting you, we’re promising you a rare experience.

Velifushi at Vaavu Atoll

Vaavu Atoll is without a doubt one of the most unique atolls in the Maldives due to itsgeographical formation. The Atoll of Vaavu Atoll also known as Felidu Atoll is the least populated in the Maldives and over the years remained naturally pristine offering superb diving and snorkeling.

Diving in Vaavu Atoll is fantastic for large pelagic fish life as the atoll have the most numerous channels in the Maldives archipelago which ensures lots of amazing dive sites. The island of of Velifushi is located conveniently at the best possible position in the atoll which is in the middle of the eastern barrier ensuring access to all the best dives sites in the atoll from the north and south in a relatively short time.

In the Atoll of Vaavu we have also some of worlds top dives sites and some of the highlights are been detailed below.

Fotteyo Kandu
This spectacular dive site is rated amongst the top 10 dive sites in the world hence there for a not to be missed dive experience. One of the best soft corals anywhere in the world without a doubt with high probability to encounter great hammerhead sharks and countless different other shark species and big fish life.


Miyaru Kandu
This is one of the best dive site not only in Vaavu Atoll but the entire Maldives. Declared as a protected marine reserve you are sure to be greeted with several species of large pelagic fish life.

Bodu Miyaru Kandu
A beautiful channel that is considered wide in the atoll but still possible to cross with an ideal current. There is also a high chance to see spectacular oceanic species in this wonderful channel dive.

Golden Wall
This is a beautiful wall dive which one would consider an amazing drift dive experience. Teeming with fish life and the whole reef covered with sponges and soft corals with kaleidoscopic colors which is a jewel of dive site.

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Restaurant and Bars

  • Van Main Restaurant
  • Marlin Sea Food Restaurant
  • Vah Lounge (Special dinning)
  • Hama Rhythmic Bar
  • Iru Beach Bar
  • Fen Pool Bar
  • Room Service operating hours:


  • DJ Nights
  • Live Band Music
  • Themed Parties

Water sports

  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Non motorized water sports


Outdoor Sports

  • Beach Volleyball
  • Beach Tennis
  • Futsal

Indoor Sports

  • Mini Gym
  • Table Tennis
  • Billiard
  • Foosball


Sand Bank
Another wonderful way to explore the Maldives, visiting a sandbank. We stop on a sandbank and enjoy the warm sun, white sand and turquoise waters. Swim, snorkel, or just lie on the beach. (Minimum 10 pax)


Sunset Cruise
A relaxing and romantic cruise on the deep sea on a traditional boat, the “Dhoni”. While enjoying the lovely cruise you can enjoy a beautiful sunset on the open deck. With a bit of luck, you may even have Dolphins entertain you. (Minimum 10 pax)

Dolphin Watching
Enjoy a ride on the resort's “Dhoni” with the local boat crew, searching for pods of joyful dolphins. Try your luck and come with us to see the most amazing animals in the sea; take a great shot of those graceful creatures while they are spinning or doing other acrobatics. (Minimum 10 pax)

Sunset Fishing
Enjoy the beauty sunset matched with the fun fishing! The resort's experienced Dhoni crew will take you to their best fishing spots and help you to catch the next day’s dinner. (Minimum 10 pax)


Hop on a Local Village
Visit a local fishing village for a glimpse of the Maldivian way of life. See the mosque, the school and the community yard. There is also a main street of shops where you can find souvenirs to bring back home. Please note that most local shops accept only cash payment, therefore we suggest you to take adequate cash in order to be able to purchase anything you may would like to buy. (Minimum 10 pax)

Island Hideaway - Half Day Island Hopping
The resort organizes half day snorkeling trips to sandy beach. A day dedicated to snorkeling and to sun-bathing. Lunch barbecue will be served and you will have the choice of relaxing on a splendid sandy beach surrounded by a crystalline lagoon. (Minimum10 pax )

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