Eighth Bastion ~ Fort Cochin ~ Kerala


Stroll through its sunlit, leafy lanes, experience its relaxed charm, and it’s easy to forget that warring empires clashed here for nearly three centuries.

A Dutch Grace Note

Very special rates for travel industry staff

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The hotel

So many cultures melt into Fort Cochin that it feels like everybody’s city. And indeed, for three centuries it was.  While Fort Cochin’s British and Portuguese past is evident everywhere you go, the area’s Dutch DNA is a subtle, less visible cultural thread. This thread is what we plucked from the out of the history books. And sought to weave into a contemporary travel experience.

On a peaceful street corner in the centre of Dutch Cochin we found a historic plot of land that has seen much building and rebuilding since the early 1700s. This was the stage. Perfect for an an elegantly curated fusion of styles, tastes and ideas. At once a celebration of Fort Cochin’s Dutch heritage and its vibrant contemporary culltural pulse.When it was finished, we called the outcome  Eighth Bastion.

The World’s First Multinational

Few know that the Dutch East India Company, or the VOC, was the very first of the type, and so one of the earliest global businesses. And the Seven Bastions that influenced our name referred to the standard layouts of VOC Forts , a tradition followed from Surat to the Straits of Sumatra. The ship’s model you’ll see as you walk into our reception area, is a fine reminder of the VOC’s glory days. Her name is the ‘Batavia’, relic of a legendary merchantman that ended its colourful career shipwrecked off the Australian coast.


Living spaces

Princess Street is a mecca for cool cottons, rare antiques, leather, brass... you name it. In the Old Town, historic sites like this are undergoing an exciting renewal, becoming exhibition spaces for the Arts In the heart of Jew Town, an unusual window grille with the Star of David. Antique shops abound in the waterfront markets a few km from the hotel. Bargaining welcome, of course. Elegance with minimal fuss are the watchwords in the rooms as well. The main appointments? Just lots of comfort, sunlight and air. Of course, our Dutch soul is evident wherever you might look, as in the nautical paintings, enamel work  and Delft China. 

Sunlight, Air and Space
Most of our rooms open on to airy patios or balconies. Just the spot to enjoy a morning tea, an afternoon nap or just to get a double-barelled lungful of  the fine tropical sea breezes of the Malabar 
Personal Pleasures
Our Bathrooms are luxe, modern spaces, but we wanted  them also to retain a traditional warmth. Many are outfitted with floor tubs and rain shower systems.

The Kochin Ferrari

Well, that's what the driver likes to call it, and who are we to disagree? Rest assured though, your autorickshaw tour of the area will be at a relaxed pace, giving you ample time and space to absorb the sights and sounds. Old architecture, charming bylanes and picturesque churches ..an ideal morning's excursion. Princess Street is a mecca for cool cottons, rare antiques, leather, brass...you name it. In the Old Town, historic sites like this are undergoing an exciting renewal, becoming exhibition spaces for the Arts In the heart of Jew Town, an unusual window grille with the Star of David. Antique shops abound in the waterfront markets a few km from the hotel. Bargaining welcome,of course.

Borrow a Bike, Whenever you Like

Two eco-friendly wheels are a nice, easy way to get around and about (see that section for where to go). Just pick your bicycle from the colourful selection available near the main gate, ask at the reception for a map, and you’re good to go,  pedaling your way through a sunny morning's outing through the bazaars and by-lanes.

An Edible Legacy

Every once in a while, we go down to the Quality Bakery in the neighbourhood, and get hold of  a few loaves of Bruther. This rich, aromatic bread has been baked in the area since Dutch times, and so far as we know, only the folks at Quality still continue to make it. Saturday would be a good day to ask for it at the East Indies Restaurant. It's rich, semi-sweet, egg-sugar-vanilla goodness combines wonderfully with a variety of dishes.

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Staff Travel Discounted Rates

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Neighbourhood Colours and Contours

Few urban pockets would offer such an engaging mix of history, culture, shopping, ambling and just sheer fun, as the area around the hotel. Beaches, museums, cafes, the famed fishing nets, the shopping on Princess Street…its all just a walk (or a complimentary cycle ride) away. The streets in the immediate vicinity are splendid to stroll about in, specially early in the day. You can see some of the last remnants of Dutch Colonial style houses, with their steeply angled roofs and tall windows.

Cafe Culture: David Hall
A short walk from the hotel is a miniature CGH experience, David Hall. Once , this was the 17th Century home of the areas Dutch civil and military commander. Today of course, it's a  smart little Gallery-Cafe. Come browse some art, enjoy a cold coffee and a Pepperoni Pizza, or just take in the age-old ambience.
Silent Stones
Down the road from us is a little slice of frozen time. Wandering these picturesque, peaceful lanes, it's difficult to imagine that this region was once a battleground. Yet, history tells us that the Malabar coast, with its fine ports and the promise of precious spice, spent 300 years an endless tug-of-war between Europe's navies. There was always a price. as this little corner demonstrates.

Supping from Many Cultures

The cuisine at Eighth Bastion is a contemporary take on some old favourites, hand-picked from the ring of Indian Ocean spots that were in the greater sphere of Dutch influence from the early 1600s. On the East Indies’ eclectic menu, Cheese Tarts jostle for space with robust Indonesian Pork and the Travancore Duck Roast offsets a Balinese fish recipe that, we discovered, works superbly with our kerala catch.  

Spoilt for choice? We suggest a look at out tasting menus, your ticket to delicious tastebud adventures. Eclectic though the variety may be, we keep strict adherence to local ingredients. Cooked with handpicked Kerala spices. It’s a commitment to freshness. But we think you'll find it a delicious one


At a glance


  • 19 rooms
  • Standard Rooms


  • Safe deposit locker
  • Tea / coffee maker
  • Hair Dryer
  • Hot and cold water
  • Packaged Drinking Water
  • Dental kit / Shaving Kit
  • Footwear


  • Business Centre
  • Wi-Fi
  • Swimming pool
  • Bicycles


  • 42 km from Cochin International Airport
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