Innahura Maldives Resort ~ Lhaviyani Atoll

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Here, Life is Easy ... Directly on the Beach!


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About the hotel

Innahura’s formula for making your holiday in the Maldives fabulous is straightforward: we take the quintessential sun, sea and sand elements, add a traditional twist to modern facilities and round it up with a generous dose of authentic experiences.

This unpretentious gem in the south-east Lhaviyani Atoll tempts sunseekers, young and young at heart, who have set their mind on a Maldives’ resort where letting your hair down and savouring life’s small pleasures are the norm. You will fall in love with Innahura because it’s just like you: laid back, fun and always up for new adventures.


Things to do

Every day at Innahura is a chance for you to embark on little adventures and complete your personal Maldives bucket list challenge. SUP on the Indian Ocean? Check! Swim with a turtle? Check! Receive a big round of applause for your traditional drums performance before heading off for night fishing? Check and check!


Get your hair wet and be blown away by the wonders that lie just below the surface of the Indian Ocean.

Over 99% of the Maldives is water and coral reefs make up the entire archipelago, so it is not surprising that many of the ‘wow’ moments here are made below the surface of the Indian Ocean.

Dive in and explore the largely unexplored reefs around Innahura!


Both beginners and those of you with thousands of dives under your belt will be amazed by the diversity of reefs and the variety of marine life that calls the dozens of underwater islands, walls and channels their home.

Whether it be schools of colourful fish that tickle your fancy, shark and ray dives that are high on your bucket list, or getting up close and personal with sea turtles, you name it, we’ve got it on the reefs around Innahura.


With year-round water temperatures of between 27-30 degrees, the Maldives is the perfect place for any water sports enthusiast. At Innahura resort, the large lagoon is the perfect place for you to either show off your skills or learn some new ones.

The Ocean Watersport team on Innahura offer both introductory and advanced courses for non-motorised water sports and provide you with the great chance to have a go at something new.

Innahura’s fun-in-the-sun scene will make you feel excited, energised and – you have been warned – slightly exhausted, but it’s totally worth it. When the feeling of pleasant tiredness creeps up on you, keep calm and have a spa day!

The views of the beach and the lagoon from Duniye Spa’s treatment rooms are relaxing in and of themselves, yet they are just the beginning.


What works wonders are spa indulgences guaranteed to soothe your body and mind. Treat yourself during your long-awaited holiday in the Maldives with a massage, and don’t feel guilty if you end up having a bath indulgence too – you know you deserve a little bit of pampering!

Awaken the explorer in you and get a glimpse of the Maldives beyond Innahura! Hop on a dhoni and satisfy your curiosity about what marvels can be found around the resort.

Embark on little adventures to experience the Maldives in all its glory; sail across the atoll to admire its picture-perfect lagoons and uninhabited island; visit a local island to get a glimpse of the Maldivian culture and way of life; get blown away by the colours of the sky as the sun sets behind the horizon during your sunset cruise; or how about having a Robinson Crusoe style experience and having an entire desolate island to yourself?


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Beach bungalows

You can find me at the beach. A total of 78 vibrant bungalows line Innahura’s sandy beach. Whether it be your honeymoon, family get-together or simply a week or two of living the good life on a small island in the Indian Ocean, look no further for a Maldivian twist.

Palm trees are swaying in the breeze, beneath them are sunbeds that are vying for your attention, a stretch of sand so soft that it tickles your feet and leads you from your bungalow to a lagoon as clear as clear gets – welcome to Innahura! Chances are this is exactly how you pictured your holiday in the Maldives…


Innahura’s charm lies in going back to basics. The resort’s bungalows are suited for people like you and me; they are modest yet comfortable and unpretentious yet memorable. They deliver on the promise of a tropical, laid-back hideaway from which you can splurge on all the fun things to do on and around the island. 

These vibrant bungalows are spacious, located on the beach, come with a minibar as well as private sunloungers – they are what your Maldives’ dreams are made of, without a hefty price tag attached to them.

33 airy bungalows with magnificent views of Innahura’s picture-perfect lagoon.

41 bright bungalows complete with views of the open ocean as far as the eye can see.

Friends and families who travel to the Maldives together stay together. A total of 4 adjacent bungalows for maximum fun.


Restaurants and Bars

Life is better at the beach – and it is best paired with good food, chilled drinks and delightful company. Bringing it all together and adding to the mix of Innahura’s signature relaxed vibe are the resort’s venues; chilled spaces that keep your belly full, your thirst quenched and your days complete with get-togethers and impromptu meet-ups with newly made friends.

In the morning, at lunch and at dinner time, all roads lead to Innahura’s main, buffet-style restaurant. At Dhoni, meaning ‘boat’ in Dhivehi, an exciting and diverse offering of international, regional and local cuisine awaits. Live cooking stations and oven-baked pizza adds an extra flair and liveliness to the resort’s central dining venue.


Sand Bar is the place to go to quench your thirst in between your fun island escapades, pool time, spa time and nap time. Innahura’s main bar serves your all-inclusive drinks and a rich selection of additional beverages.
This relaxed, maritime-styled bar with a Maldivian touch, makes it easy for you to mingle other guests, meet your island host and thank the dive crew again for your amazing first manta ray sighting.


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