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Ever noticed this strange trend in modern life? People are constantly doing things to 'try and relax'. Yet, the word relaxation means not trying anything. In fact, the exact opposite.

The Fine Art Of Undoing Things

Very special rates for travel industry staff

Marari Beach Hotel are delighted to offer travel industry staff the opportunity to come and experience our services first hand at very special industry educational rates. When you return home refreshed from your holiday you will be keen to promote the services of the hotel onto your own clients, and people you come into contact with.


The beach

Marari Beach, you'll find, is the one place where you can unwind completely, without the trying bit. You can't watch TV to relax, for example. There isn't one in your room. You can’t plunge into a whirl of holiday activities like surfboarding or beach parties. We thoughtfully left all that stuff off the schedule. Instead, what about a completely aimless walk on a path strewn with wildflowers? Or an hour spent with a Monarch butterfly? Or a glowing afternoon on a near-empty beach, watching the waves change colour?Marari is not merely an antidote to stress. It's a cure for that other vexing holiday problem: Trying to Take it Easy. Because here, you can throw away the to do list and be free. With no effort at all.

The Village By The Sea
For millennia, the fisherfolk of Mararikulam have lived in accord with the land and the ocean. It is this harmonious way of life that served as inspiration for Marari Beach. From the palm thatch roofs to our rigorous eco-practices, to even the little taps outside your hut, you'll find constant echoes of Malabar's coastal cultures.

55 Acres Of Mindspace

Far from the madding crowd, and distant from the world of trendy hotspots and beach raves, Marari’s lietmotifs are space and silence. And little else. (Though you can be assured of endless amounts of both). A sprawl of  lawns, far-flung lotus ponds and whispering coconut groves, all threaded through with stone- flagged pathways. A wind-break of palms runs the length of the property, and beyond, is only the sand, the sea and the sky all whispering their special language.


Chaaya, chaaya, chaaya

Meet our "chaiwallah". He's been serving tea in the nearby village for 50 years now, like his father before him. You could say the stuff runs in his blood. For an hour every evening, he serves his special ‘meter chayya’ at Marari, with this special pouring style that adds the tang of fresh sea air to an already heady mix of coarse tea leaves, ginger, milk and spices.

There Is A Greener Way

The closer you get to nature, the easier it becomes to respect her. Look with fresh eyes, and marvel as she begins to reveal her secrets. A small lotus pond is a universe, teeming with life. A butterfly garden can transform the entire environment. A little rain harvesting can do wonders for the local water-table. And vermiculture can keep the soil not only fertile, but intact for future generations. Food too, can be recycled into biogas rather  than wasted.

There are a thousand ways to give back more than we take from the earth. Above  are just a few that we’ve practiced over the years


Wandering With Our Naturalist

Marari is a nature lover's paradise and a morning stroll with one of our naturalists in tow is a fine way to introduce yourself to the Malabar coasts unique ecosystem and explore its myriad charms. Just to give you a taste, you can expect to find 97 species of butterflies,  more than 350 species of endemic plants, 3 varieties of turtles, and even 10 kinds of frogs. As for the birds, there are too many to even name.

Living spaces

Bathing with a Certain Air
Our bathroms are inspired by the old Kerala villa styles, where the bathing areas usually  stood at a little distance from the main house. Often, these were open to the sky, partly for ventilation, but mainly because it was just so much fun bathing that way,

At Marari, you can experience this idea in updated, contemporary form (Which means that all modcons are reassuringly present ). Few things can match  the special joy of a hot shower in a secluded courtyard, open to the sky with only the tingle of warming sunlight and the swaying treetops for company.

Airy Spaces: The Reception
We couldn’t move on without a brief word on the reception area. This vast, sunlit space is a favourite with our guests, and not only because of the wi-fi. Its thatch is a marvel of local skill. Spend a pleasant morning browsing the pressed flower gallery, enjoy a cool coconut drink or simply relax with the local newspapers.

Photo Gallery

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Staff Travel Discounted Rates

  • This offer is exclusively for non Indian - TRAVEL AGENTS. 
  • Minimum stay 6 nights.



Wellness Amidst the Sands
With our  master Yoga teacher giving you expert guidance, this ancient science of wellness acquires a new dimension. One of the best things about yoga is that almost anyone can do it regardless of age.  The Ayurvedic centre has qualified doctors  you can consult, and they'll be happy to introduce you to this ancient form of no-side-effects medicine. What's more, therer's a full range of treatments and traditional Kerala massages on offer. A great way to start your Marari day (or for that matter, finish it).

The Poolside
The crisp Malabar sunshine just cries out for a long and leisurely browning session. And even tans come easy at Marari’s expansive,  Olympic size poolside. This is also a great place to brush up on your swimming before venturing into the sea. Or  for that matter, just while away an afternoon with a book from the library.

A Spinner, A Weaver
Did you know that butterflies never fly at night? Or that they live only for a month, so can take generations to move from one field to the next? Spend some time in our butterfly garden and enter a dancing, flitting new realm of nature. And on a slow evening,  try a little side trip to the nearby village, and you can watch the fascinating process of coir making. This wonder fibre forms the basis of a hundred diferent items, from handbags to ropes to sandals to mattresses. PS: You can pick up some fine coir handicrafts at the Marari gift shop, if you like.

Marari Beach takes the initiative to educate the local community about the ecological impact of extensive and indiscriminate use of bore wells and the effects of water pollution.

Sporting Chances
Can't resist the urge to run around a little? We understand. It's all that fresh sea air (besides, you need to work up an appetite for the Fish Moilee and rice dinner you've been planning). So do spend an afternoon on our sprawling tennis courts. Or if you prefer, even a quick round of Volleyball.

Village Colours
A stroll or a bicycle ride through the village around the resort can be a fascinating experience. Meandering sleepy lanes, dotted with little groceries, patchworks of political posters, perma-smiling schoolkids, the colours unroll.Feeling adventurous? Try a tipple at one of the local country bars. But remember, coconut toddy can be a heady brew, so easy does it!


At a glance


  • Garden Villas
  • Garden Pool Villas
  • Deluxe Pool Villas


  • Kerala Cuisine with fresh catch from the sea
  • Seafood Specialities with fresh bounty

IN ROOM FACILITIES (Complimentary)

  • Dental kit and shaving kit
  • Tea/ coffee Maker
  • Hair dryer
  • Foot ware
  • 2 bottles packaged drinking water per day.
  • Sewing kit
  • Electric Iron on request
  • Safe deposit locker
  • Hot and cold water


  • Yoga and me Meditation
  • Cookery demonstration
  • Business Centre
  • Wi-Fi
  • Swimming pool
  • Bicycles
  • Badminton/ Tennis/ and Beach Volleyball
  • Evening tea cart service
  • Kalari demonstration
  • Instrumental music lessons
  • Saree/ dhoti demonstration
  • Village walk
  • Bird watching
  • Eco tour
  • Butterfly garden visit
  • Talk on ayurveda
  • Book house


  • Get a tan
  • Explore village life
  • Go cycling
  • Learn to cook with spices


  • 88 km from Cochin International Airport
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