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The homegrown eco-friendly hotel with a huge heart 


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About us

The first SALT had to be in Mauritius. It’s our home, our love, and our pride and joy. It’s an undeniable, exotic beauty. Volcanic, white, blue and green. It’s Indian, French, Creole, Chinese and African. Its colours, stories, customs, sounds, and flavours form a brilliant, heady mix that is impossible to ignore or forget. If you experience it.

That’s why we created SALT of Palmar. Mauritius is ripe for exploration, drenched in history, and bursting with humbling heritage and modern culture. And we want to show you the real Mauritius. 


We’ll do that by giving you access to convertible cars, bikes, and the gen on hidden gems (people, not just places). But, you’ll find it in our hotel too. Locals designed, built, and furnished SALT. Locals manage and run SALT. They also make the food and the music. It’s a vibrant, joyful place designed by an artist who believes that colour = happiness. Inspired by the island’s upbeat vibe, SALT of Palmar pops with energy against a mellow natural backdrop.

Don't take our word for it! See International Flight Attendant Paul Hudspith's views about this fine resort on this short video!

We’re right on the beach. We fit the Mauritius bill. But, our 59-room hotel does things differently. Our farm supplies our restaurant. There’s a salt room in the spa, and the chance to restore your equilibrium throughout. There are no buffets, fixed TV screens, or single-use plastics. Just everything you need. Or didn’t know you did.

Stay. Visit. Get to know Mauritius with SALT.



Each of our rooms is kitted out with only the finest of things. A handmade, king size Carpe Diem bed, developed with physios, so you get the best sleeps. 100% organic cotton bedding. A rain shower. A yoga mat and block. A Roberts radio. And all-natural, locally produced toiletries. Different vibes but the same SALT soul and all for the unwinding and recharging of you. 

  • 100% organic linen.
  • Organic coffee robes.
  • Amenities are 95% natural and refill containers are made in Mauritius.
  • Free homemade snacks and Moringa tea.
  • Made in Mauritius Beach bags from recycled plastics.
  • Resuable We Are SALT water bottles which can be filled from different water points in the hotel.


Staff Travel Voyage special industry employee rates are based on 'Run of House' rooms, meaning Best Available Room on check-in, based on the available room inventory, and at the hotels sole discretion with no guarantee. Please do not ask for an upgrade, if the hotel can upgrade you it will be a bonus! 

Bang on Beach
This is the beach life. Open your doors onto pristine sand. Be lulled into a perfect night’s sleep by gently lapping waves.
You’re just seconds from the pool. It’s a daily blessing. Grab a cooling midday dip or settle in for a serious lounger session.
Garden View
Gaze over a tranquil, verdant landscape to the turquoise lagoon. Listen to the Filao trees as they sway in the breeze.
Best on Beach
A spacious beachside room with views of the ocean. Treat yourselves to a little extra space.
Pool Plus
Dive in. Here’s your plentiful poolside room, big enough for additional beds

Eat and drink

Food is the heart and soul of any place. And more than any other part of the SALT of Palmar experience, our restaurant tells you what we’re all about – the flavours of Mauritius.


Salt Bakery
Freshly baked bread from 6 am - 10:30 pm, local barista, serving freshly roasted coffee 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The bakery is a contemporary café and bakery where guests can gather, socialize and enjoy a delectable selection of homemade pastries, prepared in partnership with Du Pain et Des Idées, Paris in a casual and comfortable setting.

The Restaurant
All our food ingredients are being freshly selected from local farms and co-operatives which support farming communities and sustainable farming methods, just as we do ourselves. Better for our wellbeing, our soil and our future. The Restaurant features 6 types of cooking – Wok, Tandoor, Grill, Smoke, Bake & Slow cook.


The Bars
On the roof. On the beach. And by the pool. Life doesn’t get more easy-going than this. Relaxing. Meeting people. Sharing stories. Sprawled on a beanbag. With the music, the drinks, and the ocean views, all three of our bars are the place to be.

The SALT Farm
Located five minutes from the hotel which offers health-conscious cuisine accented with goods grown in its farm. SALT Farm hosts vegetable-focused tasting lunches & dinners in the impulsive garden shed. Gardening classes, greenhouse tours and workshops. Featuring: A yoga pavilion, a bee hive, a mushroom farm, Bio and Hydroponic grown vegetables.

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The measures of Salt of Palmar

SALT of Palmar is made to give both you and our local islanders inspiring experiences. Read on, and you’ll soon get our measure.


Designing local style
When designer Camille Walala saw our bright blue skies, pink sunsets, green sugarcane fields, and the explosion of diverse paint colours used to decorate the houses in our village, it was love at first sight. Camille’s bold style meets Mauritius’ soulful style. And with local makers creating the furniture, art, and finer details, the Mauritian influence comes through loud and clear. It makes the hotel completely unique. It’s inspiring. And it’s a very happy place to be.

Getting out there
The Mauritian great outdoors is greater than most outdoors. And, we don’t take it for granted. Sunrise run club and Sunset swim club say it all. Bike and hike, if you like. Take a Sega dance or yoga class. It’s all about moving and being in the fresh, open air, increasing focus and decreasing stress. Head to the nearby forest. Shinrin-yoku – just being in a forest – is medicine. 

Being in the know
Talented locals created our guidebook THIS IS MAURITIUS. They are the ones who know who there is to know and where we should all go. It’s about the people and places that make the island tick.


Showcasing island sounds
The island pulses to the lively rhythm of Sega music. It comes from Madagascar. And Africa. It’s joy and happiness. Love and peace. Music with heart and soul. Our playlists for the beach bar and restaurant never miss a beat. And we invite local artists to come and play it live. They might play it pure. They might add a twist. They’ll never play it with a frown.

Skill Swap
Every day is learning day at SALT of Palmar. You can share one of your skills with a local, learn a new one from a local, or both. It’s all horizon broadening. It’s taking home more than a tan. And it connects you at a deep level to the people who make places what they are.

Stocking relevant reads
Local authors set the tone for our library. They pack it full of the best Mauritius-related literature. Books documenting the incredible story of the island’s heritage. Books celebrating our food, music, craft, culture, and nature. Photography books. Illustrated books. Fiction, fact, fantasy, and folklore. We’ll have it – your perfect holiday read.


Being balanced
Holiday time. It’s a good time to focus on you being soothed, hydrated, detoxified, and energised. That’s why we created SALT Equilibrium. It’s a concept, but it’s not lofty (or compulsory). It’s simple. And salt – humble salt – plays a big part in it. In our spa, different salts bring different benefits. And it’s an island first, our room made of salt. In its warm crystal glow, you breathe deeply while salt vapour boosts your respiratory system, skin, immunity, and energy levels.


Farming forever
Our pesticide-free farm is our own source of ingredients. We grow our own fruit and vegetables without using soil. Instead, we go hydroponic. The plants absorb nutrients faster that way. It’s clean, effective, sustainable, and incredible. In one of the greenhouses, our rustic, vegetarian restaurant connects you to the agricultural context.

Making a difference
Some Mauritian communities need help. Non-profit organisation Island Bio does it by empowering them through three-year skill-building programmes followed by training in permaculture and agro-ecology. We’ve given part of our farm over to help the cause. We’ve set up a farm school in the neighbouring village through which our farmers share their knowledge. It’s a partnership based on the shared belief that fresh, high-quality food is the right of each and every Mauritian citizen.


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