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With Captain Winston Simmons and Grenadine Sailing Adventures on board Catamaran 'Impala' from an amazing and exclusive $99 per person! An experience of a lifetime, choose from day trips, overnight trips or multiple overnight trips in St Vincent & The Grenadines, Caribbean.

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When you book a cruise onboard Impala, you’ll not only visit the most beautiful parts of the Grenadines, you’ll also be cooked for and catered to by Captain Simmons who also catches the fish himself.

The island hopping trips can be customized to your needs and desires and you can depart from Bequia (Plantation Hotel) or St Vincent (Blue Lagoon Hotel) Click on hotel names to read about and book these hotels.


Whether a day-trip to Mustique or a several-day jaunt to the lonely coves of the many Grenadine Islands. Captain Simmons knows the most exclusive spots where you can swim with turtles, eat sumptuous lobsters (in season) or sip on stylish cocktails on the most bustling party island.


Check out the islands below and the read about Catamaran Impala and the options you have for a bucket list adventure of a lifetime. The rates from just $99 and 'how to book' as well as Covid protocols are at the bottom of this page.

Which Islands to See?

Depending on the time you spend on the catamaran, the entire country comprising of 32 islands stretches only 32 miles, so it is very possible to see a great deal of the best of the Grenadines in a very short time. 


Day trips would normally be done to the famed "Mustique", or down to the "Tobago Cays" for lunch and a few hours relaxation, but at least 1 night with 2 days, if not 2 nights/3 days or more on board is highly recommended to make the most of this paradise whilst you are visiting the country as there are so many islands. Click on map below to enlarge view! 


Pick up from Bequia Island at the Plantation Hotel or St Vincent at the Blue Lagoon Hotel & Marina. Click on these hotel names to read more and book these resorts.



One of the most famous super VIP islands on the planet. Mustique, only 1.5 hours fun sailing from Bequia, is home to just over 100 super luxury private villas, owned by Hollywood A listers, Rock stars and even Royalty. The British Queen Monarch's sister Princess Margaret owned a villa here.


Rock stars Mick Jagger, Brian Adams, and fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger are just some of the villa owners (in fact Mick Jagger owns 2) celebs you may even bump into! (tours of the island by golf buggy are "periodically" available).


Located in the calm waters of Britannia Bay, Basil’s Bar is legendary. For nearly fifty years it has been the cultural heartbeat of Mustique where generations of homeowners, guests, fisherman and pirates come to let their hair down. 

Whoever you are, Basil’s welcomes you with open arms for a delicious lunch overlooking the sea, a beer at the bar as the sun sets or a cocktail in between dances at Jump Up. Pop over for lunch for the day or en route to the southern Grenadines! Click here to read more about Basils Bar


The Tobago Cays

The all time ultimate island paradise comprising tiny islands clustered together that you can pretty much swim between!


One of them was used for the filming of the Hollywood Blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean! 


A protected national park, it is also home to a great many turtles, you will see almost every time you jump into the water!


Salt Whistle Bay

An amazing crescent shape beach separating perfectly calm Caribbean waters from the east. Spectacular place to anchor and one of the best beaches in the world to many. 


You’ll feel like a modern-day Robinson Crusoe, just in a better boat!


Palm Island

Home to a luxury 5 star hotel, Palm Island boasts a truly amazing 'corner' beach with turquoise waters surrounding it.


Depending on occupancy sometimes you can go ashore and look around, take a refreshment, if not simply sit anchored off the beach and enjoy this magnificent view. 


On Board 'Impala'

Impala is a Lagoon 410 Catamaran with four generous double cabins, each with its own bathroom. (1 cabin is used for the skipper and stewardess). Plenty of space for relaxing, sunbathing and watching the wind through the sails! ​



Perfect extensive sunbathing areas!


Simple access to the turquoise waters


Anchor in crystal clear waters for snorkeling!


There’s also a large salon, cockpit and kitchen. The interior of the Impala is remarkable. This boat has a typical Caribbean flair and you can feel at home and relax on it.








Inter island wind through the sails whilst sunbathing upfront!


3 Double cabins for guest use (sleeping up to 6) each with en suite shower/toilet and basin/sink.



How to Get There
Covid protocols

Please CLICK HERE for the Bequia Plantation Hotel and scroll to the bottom of the page for full details of How to get to St Vincent and the Grenadines and simple  Covid protocols

How & What to Book

If you are considering a day charter trip to either Mustique or the Tobago Cays, or even an overnight charter, whilst the weather is generally always suitable and great for catamaran cruising, we recommend deciding the day/s to do this after arrival in Bequia or St Vincent, so you can plan the best days for your island hopping adventure while you are there.

Catamaran Impala lives on it's floating mooring directly outside the Bequia Plantation Hotel, and Captain Simmons is normally always on hand to pop ashore and meet up with you to plan your trip in detail when you arrive (just call or whatsapp him on the number below) and assist you with food and drink provisioning from the local supermarket (see below for examples of the price of drinks, and recall for food, fish may very well be caught for free during the charter as well if you are a fish eater. Supermarkets sell all the usual fresh produce. It is only imported goods that carry a higher price tag, so your budget for food and drink is under your control)

Even if you are only planning very short island hopping trips per above, we do recommend emailing Captain Simmons in advance when your hotel is confirmed to let him know the dates you will be there and the tentative dates you are thinking most likely for the charter (no commitment). You can then firm everything up when you see him. Email:[email protected] and/or contact him on whatsapp before and after arrival on telephone: +1 784 593 3986       

If you plan a longer charter then you can communicate again with him in advance for this. Also note if you are spending multiple nights on board, you can check out of your room in the hotel and check back in again when you return. In this instance you are best to plan ahead more and book only the nights you plan to stay in the hotel. 

Enjoy your island hopping experience of a lifetime! Click on the Drinks picture below for supermarket details


Prices: Click Below to enlarge view


For charters of up to 2 nights, pay direct to Captain Simmons locally on arrival unless otherwise agreed. Charters of 3 nights or more may require pre-payment and can be discussed directly with Captain Simmons. No cancellation charges for charters of up to 2 nights. For charters of 3 nights or more cancellation charges may be applicable and to be agreed at the time of communication with Captain Simmons by email at: [email protected] or by telephone/whatsapp: +1 784 593 3986     

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