About our Different Rates

BIG Hotel Discounts ONLY for Employees & Families of the Travel Industry

Other than HSE's (Home Page) Staff Travel Voyage offer 2 types of rates !


See below for a full explanation of these rates and how they work


What do these rates mean?

* STV Super Specials are STV’s usual SUPER Discounted Special rates, GENUINELY and STRICTLY ONLY available for TRAVEL INDUSTRY Employees resident globally, and are classified as an Employee Benefit. (Available to Airline, Travel Agent, Tour Operator, ATC & Airport Handling Agent Employees). Hotel employees may also book selected STV Super Special hotels and can do by Clicking Here. (Friends and Family cannot book STV Super Special hotels, only STV Direct hotels)

* You must be a Airline, Travel Agent or Tour Operator Travel Industry Employee and you must be registered with STV (Free) to be able to book our STV Super Special rates. Use the orange button to register from the Login box on the menu bar. Travel Industry Employee Registration also allows you to use the STV Direct rates. Hotel Employees register using the blue button. 

Minimum one Travel Industry Employee per room. You are required to present your I.D. / proof of employment on check-in.

* There is no limit to the number of bookings per year you can book (unless stated otherwise)

* Friends and Family cannot book STV Super Special Rates (only STV Direct rates). They can accompany you but must stay in the same room as you (some hotels permit an extra room for Friends & Family and if so this will be stated on the hotel page, but you must always be included in the booking and be staying at the hotel). 

* PAYMENT & CANCELLATION: With STV Super Special rates you only need to pay a very small refundable deposit within 14 days of making your booking, or right away if travelling short notice, and the main balance of the booking is paid direct to the hotel, usually on check-in. It is FREE to cancel or amend dates for your booking, often right up to and including the day of check-in, making these rates great for standby travelers (see each hotels payment & cancellation terms). When you make a booking request with STV Super Special rates and it is  confirmed, you do not need to go ahead with the booking and can cancel immediately without paying a deposit if you wish. 

* Remember STV Super Special Rates are only available for Airline & Travel Industry Employees as an employee benefit and are the lowest rates you will ever find. 

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* True Airline & Travel Industry Employee rates are known as ON REQUEST. This means you choose your hotel and Super Special rate and submit your booking request through our website and you will receive a response back from the hotel as soon as possible. Because the rate is so highly discounted, the hotel 1st needs to check if they have enough spare rooms to agree to let you pay these exclusive Travel Industry Employee rates. The hotels will often reply to you the same day but be prepared to wait up to 24-48 hours ~ It's worth it!

* BEWARE of other Interline/Agency companies telling you they offer Genuine Airline & Travel Industry Employee rates with 'immediate confirmation'! This is simply not true, and you are being misled. Hotels need to manually check their availability for Genuine Travel Industry employee rates and this can take 1-2 days. This is why they are known as ON REQUEST rates.

* BEWARE. If other companies tell you your Friends and Family can use the same rates as you unaccompanied, you know they are not genuine Travel Industry Rates! No hotels allow Friends & Families to book genuine Airline & Travel Agency Employee rates unaccompanied, so they are simply selling you rates that are also available to the general public through other channels.

STV have different rates available to Friends and Family to enjoy unaccompanied, they are called STV Direct rates. Because we source such rates in bulk and are the only truly global client and leading company selling holidays to Airline and Travel Agency Employees and their Friends and Family (we have served travel industry employees resident in over 200 countries ~ almost every single country on the planet), we always have the lowest STV Direct rates available anywhere. See STV Direct for these great deals for you and your Family.



What do these rates mean?

* STV Direct rates are specially discounted and designed for Travel Industry Employees resident globally and registered with STV (Free) that cannot find a suitable hotel with an STV Super Special rate on our website and represent the next best thing to Super Special rates.

* STV Direct rates have immediate confirmation in almost 1 million hotels globally and are also bookable by Friends & Family resident globally and 'unaccompanied' (without the Travel Industry Employee being in the booking or present at the hotel). Hotel employees may also book STV Direct rates unaccompanied.

* Friends and Family of Airline & Travel Industry Employees must be registered with STV if they wish to book STV Direct hotels unaccompanied.  Use the green Friends and Family button to register from the Login box. Travel Industry Employees register using the orange button to register from the Login box on the menu bar.

* Hotel employees must be registered with HSV to book STV Direct. Use the blue Hotel employees button to register from the Login box on the menu bar. 

There is no limit to the number of STV Direct bookings Travel Industry Employees or Friends and Family can book each year.

With STV Direct rates there is no limit to the number of rooms per booking, however the registered Travel Industry Employee OR registered Friend or Family must make the booking and must be present for at least 50% of the hotel stay.

With STV Direct rates you pay directly at the time the booking is immediately confirmed. Most hotel rates are fully refundable up to a certain time before check-in (some the same day). See each hotel's payment and cancellation terms.

Great for Friends & Family looking for greater flexibility (traveling independently and unaccompanied from the Travel Industry Employee) with immediate confirmation.

Other than STV Super Special rates Travel Industry Employees will unlikely ever find a lower or more discounted rate anywhere.

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* The "next best and closest thing" to STV Super Special Rates. Using our global buying power and presence as the leading and only truly global client company selling holidays to Travel Industry Employees and their families (we have served travel industry employees resident in over 200 countries ~ almost every single country on the planet) STV have been able to source these STV Direct hotel rates in bulk, at almost 1 million hotels globally and at extraordinary discounts.