Rebound Tag with STV!


Now ReboundTAG extends its CONNECT AND PROTECT products to join its award winning record breaking
microchip luggage tag !!

Receive a text message and email to say where your valuables are anywhere worldwide with a GPS location

'As used by the World's Airline Pilots & Crew'

... and recommended by world leading travel insurer Allianz

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Never lose your luggage or valuables…Microchip them!



Prices from only $8.82 

+ Shipped anywhere in the world FREE


You MUST be registered with Staff Travel Voyage (Free) and you MUST use code STV30


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Out of the 3.5 Billion Passengers emplaned last year there were 23.1 Million Lost bags! Use ReboundTag to get the full service that prevents lost luggage!

ReboundTAG starts working immediately to help you find your bag and may even send you an SMS text/email message often before you know you have even lost it!


How it Works

ReboundTag has created the most advanced luggage tag available that features a microchip, permitting airlines and airport scanning systems to identify it, keep track of it worldwide and keep you informed by SMS and email about your bag’s return if it gets lost. Now the most favored luggage tracking device for airline crew, Staff Travel Voyage have teamed up with ReboundTag to offer Airline and Travel Industry staff an EXCLUSIVE 30% Discount! Order one of more for You and your friends/family NOW (maximum 8 Tags per employee) 

ReboundTAG Users benefit from:

  • E-mail and SMS notifications
  • 24/7 up-to-date status of the bag where and when found
  • You can modify your location and contact details while travelling for the return of your bag

The ReboundTAG team worked with designers to achieve the Slick semi-transparent effect for the Bag Tag where the actual microchips are visible. This has proved very popular! An out of the box solution so that your bags are protected when you travel. No batteries to recharge, all technologies are IATA approved.


Suitable for suitcases and luggage bags of ALL shapes and sizes for the hold or cabin. 


ReboundTAG has been showcased by Lufthansa as a way of preventing lost luggage worldwide. We were invited to contribute to the IATA standards for microchip luggage tags for airlines.


Have your lost luggage tracked and delivered right to your door step - worry free!


Beware of inferior tracking device gadgets that use 'bluetooth' to find your belongings...they rely on your mobile device being within 20m bluetooth range of the item to locate it! If you or a another user of the same tracking device App are not in range of your items, they will never locate them!

ReboundTag uses airport scanning technology to locate the whereabouts of your luggage right away, and is as used by major international airlines such as Lufthansa. It is the only device that works in all airports worldwide and is why it is the favored device of airline crew. They also do NOT require batteries! ReboundTag advises you by SMS text immediately of its location, and can also arrange to send your lost luggage to you.


​Airline/Travel Agency Branded ReboundTags

If you are an airline or travel agency looking to supply branded ReboundTags to your customers please email us at [email protected] 


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