Worldwide Travel Insurance (United States Residents only)

Worldwide Travel Insurance available to Travel Industry Employees registered with Staff Travel Voyage for discounted hotel deals

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This SITATA policy is only available to United States Residents

Our rest-of-world resident policy is coming soon!  



Travel Insurance - Choosing the right policy

Always ensure your purchase travel insurance that meets your needs. The correct policy could shield you from unforeseen risks and expenses, the most frequent of which include trip cancellation, lost or stolen belongings, medical coverage, and COVID-19 coverage.

Now you can choose from a variety of travel insurance solutions thanks to our collaboration with Sitata. Below you will be able to choose the right amount of cover for your trip. With a wide range of options available, you shouldn’t have a problem finding cover that suits your needs.

Valid for destinations worldwide except Afghanistan, Chechnya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Israel - West Bank, Gaza and the Occupied Territories, and Somalia

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