STV Statement reference Bookings, Cancellations & Coronavirus


With regards to existing and new bookings with STV, we are of course very conscious and aware of people's concerns over Coronavirus and implications of a varying nature this is causing. Rest assured the team at STV have the greatest compassion for this situation. We are here to HELP and offer factual advice and assistance regarding clients with current bookings and clients wishing to book but still having worries or concerns. If you would like to book ahead for May/June & July in readiness for the hopeful success of the latest government prevention methods proved to have worked in China, with our spectacular latest deals with no cancellation or amendment fees and hence nothing to lose CLICK HERE

Bookings & Cancellation Policy

1. We are working with our Hotels round the clock in respect to getting agreement for ''no cancellation charges if your flight is canceled up until the day of check-in'' owing to the Coronavirus. Many of our Hotels already impose no cancellation charges anyway up until and including the day of check-in. You can see the current cancellation charges on each hotel page, and keep an eye out for any that may be updated as many Hotels that did not previously agree to this policy are revising terms accordingly.  In the meantime if you have already made a booking or wish to make a booking but are worried about possible flight cancellations, you can see from the cancellation policy, the number of days up until check-in to when you can cancel without any cancellation charges, so you are safe to keep hold of your existing booking until then if you are concerned, rather than lose the opportunity and deal altogether, and safe to make a new booking for future dates, noting this 'no cancellation fee' deadline. These special deals will not be around for long, so it's a good idea to secure space while you can.
As mentioned any hotels that do not already have "free cancellation up to and including the check-in" may well change their terms shortly to accommodate this, in which case we will update the cancellation policy on the relevant hotel page, and this will replace any previous less accommodating cancellation terms (if applicable) and any new such terms will apply to existing bookings as well as new ones being made. You can check back from time to time and see updated cancellation terms on the relevant hotel page, shown under the price box here:


2. Should I be thinking about a vacation/travelling given the current situation in respect to Coronavirus? 
This is of course entirely up to you, your personal feelings and thoughts, and very importantly how you interpret Television and Newspaper/Media coverage. STV have conducted much research which is based on the chances of contracting the virus in countries globally, common symptoms experienced for the majority of people, the small percentage of people that suffer more severely including very unfortunate but low percentage fatalities, in comparison with the population of each country, as well as traditional viruses, illness and dangers that have existed for many years, which are currently not being publicised and based on statistics have significantly greater risks to travellers. Please reasearch yourself to source such important facts when considering whether to travel or not!​ WHY NOT PLAN AHEAD? OUR LATEST MAY/JUNE/JULY "TIME TO PLAN TRAVEL" DEALS OFFER TRULY EXCEPTIONAL VALUE IF BOOKED BY 31 MARCH, NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN, AND THE OPTION TO CANCEL OR AMEND DATES MUCH LATER (OFTEN UP TO THE DAY OF CHECK-IN) AT NO COST. NOTHING TO LOSE! THE RADICAL GOVERNMENT PREVENTION MEASURES NOW IN PLACE (PROVEN TO WORK BY CHINA) SHOULD MEAN IT WLL BE FINE TO TRAVEL BY THEN. EVEN IF IT IS NOT, YOU CAN CANCEL OR DELAY AT NO COST, SO HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!  CLICK HERE TO SEE THESE DEALS. 

Remember, travelling at times such as these and spreading positive and factual advice to the general public as many of our clients are doing is not considered benefiting from others misfortune - quite the opposite in fact, it helps to rebuild the tourism industry sooner rather than later becuase industry employees are considered Ambassadors, well respected with their views and have proven in the past with dreadful situations such as Sars, 9/11 and the Tsunami that they can indeed help with recovery. Happy travels, lets save jobs and the industry as we do best!

​We know airline and travel industry employees are more resilient and brave when it comes to troubled times and the general public not travelling, opening up opportunities for industry staff in respect low load factors and amazing hotel deals, along with the welcome assistance they can offer as Ambassadors by spreading the word to the general public that Media often portray situations in a different light for their own benefit. When times are uncertain such as this, industry employees are indeed encouraged to source facts facts and statistics in respect to Coronavirus and other well known and traditional viruses, illneses and dangers that can, and have always been encountered when travelling, and to make their own minds up.

Also to understand airline employers and cut backs and preventative measures to ensure as little commercial damage is done which could affect your jobs, as well as ensuring contractions of this disease are reversed sooner rather than later, are indeed just that ~ preventative measures, and should be looked at as 'positive' measures for us all to resume normal life as soon as possible. We also understand many of you naturally have concern regarding your jobs - helping educate the general public and showing such resilience when it comes to travelling given statistcs and facts, does actually help your employer recover faster ~ be an ambassador and help recovery of the tourism industry and your employer and job safety faster ~ spread the word about the facts and reality of this virus in comparison with other and currently far greater traditional dangers with travel to other countries ~ something not reported and forgotten about by the TV/Newspaper Media/governments, we can keep you updated on these if you wish.

Be selective with where you travel to during these times based on these facts and statistics ~ If you can afford unpaid leave, consider it, and travel well armed with this knowledge and report your positive experiences, as it helps restore confidence for general publc consumers for when the time arrives where contraction reductions as a result of these radical prevantative measures being put in place start to be revealed. It's up to us all in the industry to play this vital Ambassador role for the faster revial of tourism and the speedier recovery of your employer, and hence lessens the risk of, and actual  job losses.

No one doubts or undermines the virus itself, but Industry employees by nature rarely buy into media hype, refrain from general public 'panic' actions which simply make matters worse, recognise actual facts and statistics and are more resilent and help where others cannot. Something to be proud of.      

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