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STV DIRECT Click Here for Friends & Family unaccompanied (and for airline/agency staff that cannot find a Super Specials deal suitable)

For how to book Airline/Travel Agency Employee rates see videos and FAQ's below


This is because we are the world's largest and only 'truly global' travel industry employee travel benefit company, offering our deals to airline employees, travel agents and industry professionals living the world over (in 200 countries!). We have extraordinary buying power, and the hotels love to be on our website because we reach so many industry staff. This helps them to create global awareness for their hotel and educate many thousands of staff every day - this in turn helps them grow their presence within the trade which leads on to more business from the general public consumer. The hotels also value the ability of our industry employee clients to promote and spread the word about their hotel onto their own friends, colleagues and clients when they return home. Oh and some of our travel industry employee guests ask if this is timeshare, no it most definitely is not!


For eligibility including retired staff and friends and family please Click Here 
Also note the general rule is one room per employee who must show their ID on check in and be present during the stay. Some hotels allow 2 rooms per staff member which is indicated on the hotel booking page if this is the case.


Mobile phone software is updated by mobile phone manufacturers and changes very frequently, so on occasions some mobile phones may not be fully compatible with some functions on our website. If you experience problems logging in or using our website with mobile phones, please try using a regular computer/Laptop or tablet. Our website is regularly updated to make sure it works efficiently with new mobile phones/software updates/versions. There is also a lot of hotel information on our website which is best viewed on a regular computer/laptop/tablet.


1) You must be registered and logged in to view rates and make a booking with Staff Travel Voyage. If you are not yet registered with us (free) Click Here

2) For help with 'How to make a booking' Click Here

3) IMPORTANT: Our special Staff Rates are Highly Discounted and are 'on a request basis' with the hotel, so please do not email us for availability. Please submit a booking request on the required hotel page. The hotel will normally reply to you within 24/48 hours, occasionally a little longer if you make your request at the weekend when some hotel reservation departments are closed. You need to wait for a reply from the hotel confirming your request before your booking is confirmed and before you check-in because our special staff rates are on a 'request basis' and are not automatically confirmed when you initially send your request. You are allocated an STV booking request number when you make your initial request. This is not your hotel reservation confirmation number, this will be supplied to you after the hotel has replied to your request and confirmed your booking. 

4) To check the status an existing booking, you can click on 'My Bookings' on the Menu Bar (make sure you are logged in)

5) To change or cancel a booking with the hotel you can do this using the link on your email confirmation of your booking, or go into your account per 4) above and message the hotel to request the change or cancel

Can my friends accompany me and how many rooms can I book at staff rates?
* Generally, the rule is there must be at least one industry employee with I.D. per room. Occasionally hotels will allow more than 1 room per booking and per ID card for accompanying friends/family but this is at the sole discretion of the hotel at the time of booking. Please indicate in the 'Special Request' section when booking, if additional rooms are being requested for friends/family accompanying you.
* Some hotels/resorts of course have large rooms or apartments often sleeping up to 8-10 people so it is fine for your friends and family if they are in the room with you.
* If you are looking for different rooms for your family or friends, they are traveling unaccompanied or you do not find a staff deal that you are looking for on our website, you can also Click Here for more discounted rates

COVID-19 restrictions and regulations change frequently; STV promote destinations and hotels/tourism suppliers at specially discounted rates regardless of restrictions and regulations because our rates are often valid until the following year when any restrictions and regulations may have been lifted. It is solely the responsibility of the travel industry employee making a booking via STV to check all entry and exit requirements at the destination and for returning home to their country of residence in respect to any matter relating to Covid-19 (and in respect to all travel at anytime outside of Covid-19). Staff Travel Voyage (STV) are not responsible for any issues arising due to such matters, neither are they responsible for any health matters arising from Covid-19 or indeed any other health matter or injury for any booking at anytime.   


PLEASE remember, our special airline and travel agency staff discounted hotel rates are considered "concessionary employee benefits" by the hotels, the same as with your ID/ZED fare Employee rebated/discounted air tickets. Staff should remember this when staying at the hotels and ensure they act respectively and do not create problems or complain unnecessarily or disrupt the hotel staff or general public guests also staying at the hotel. Please remember, as with aircraft occasionally there are technical problems with equipment in hotel rooms or outlets. If you experience such issues in the hotel please 'respectively' report them to reception and the hotel will do their best to resolve the issue as fast as possible. When 'space available' upgrades or late check-outs are promoted on our website please remember if you receive an upgraded room/late check-out, this is a bonus so please do not complain or demand an upgrade/late check out if the hotel is unable or chooses not to upgrade you! Some of our hotels do offer 'guaranteed' upgrades and this is clearly shown on our hotel pages if it is relevant. Hostile or inappropriate behavior resulting in the hotel complaining to Staff Travel Voyage about our industry staff guests staying at their hotel can result in reports being forwarded to the staff members employer airline/agency staff travel/employee benefit department and can also result in the hotel concerned refusing to accept employees from your airline/agency thereby ruining opportunities for your fellow employees! Thank you for your understanding!  


1) If you experience a problem logging in, please make sure you login with the same email address and password that you used when you registered. If you are unable to login it is likely to be because you are entering a different email address, or the password you are entering is not identical to the one that you registered with (passwords are also case sensitive). It is also best not to 'cut and paste' passwords as this sometimes causes issues. It is best to type them in and save the password in your browser so you do not need to enter it again the next time. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one by clicking "Click if you have forgotten your Password?" located underneath the password entry box. You will receive a new password by email. When you receive it you can change it by logging in with the new password and clicking 'My Bookings' on the Menu Bar
2) If you are still having problems logging in and are using a mobile phone device, please try using a regular computer/laptop/tablet. For any further problems email us on [email protected] 


If your question is not answered above or below and is urgent you can also email us. Click Here for Contact Us and we will try our best to help! Please allow time for a response as we currently deal with almost 1 million industry staff resident globally in 200 countries and therefore are unable to offer a telephone service and email questions are answered in the order they are received or if urgent and travel is within a few days. Please also note we are not able to advise on hotel availability matters, this needs to be directly with the hotel by making a request on our website via the hotel page.

More Frequently asked Questions

What does Staff Travel Voyage (STV) offer?
Our Staff discounted hotel booking website offers specially priced 'accommodation and tours' exclusively and only to employees of the travel industry, for use with your concessionary air travel benefits (you arrange your own flights). We also promote hotel rates for your Friends and Family, which you can also use when you can't find a suitable offer. 

Am I financially protected with Staff Travel Voyage?
Yes with Staff Travel Voyage you are 100% financially protected, because you do not pay us for your booking you pay directly to the hotel/accommodation supplier (note Who and when do I pay below)

What if rates for the dates or hotel I am looking at on the website are not listed?
This means there are currently no staff super special rates for this hotel and for the dates you are looking for. If there is a particular hotel/date you are wanting to book that does not show staff rates; you can email us on [email protected] You can also check our Friends & Family page for more discounted rates. Click Here for friends and family rates

Are the prices per person or per room and do they include taxes?
The prices are shown 'per person per night plus taxes'. To check the total cost of your holiday, click on 'View Rates or Book Now' in the hotel price box, enter your details (dates, number of people, meal plan, room type) and the complete price breakdown will be shown with a final Total price per room including all taxes. You can then decide if you wish to go ahead with the booking.

Can the website give me immediate availability and when will I get a reply about my request?
* No the website does not show availability or give immediate confirmation. This is because the rates are special staff rates on a request basis and the hotels wish to see the request first before confirming it or offering the closest alternative.
* Most hotels will reply within 24/48 hours depending on how busy they are with full rate general public bookings. Also note that many hotel reservations/sales departments are closed at weekends so if you do make a request between Friday and Sunday you 'may' have to wait until Monday or Tuesday before they reply.
* If your booking is Last Minute and urgent for check in within a few days you can always also email us on [email protected] and we will try our best to help.

Who and when do I pay?
* You do not normally pay Staff Travel Voyage, you pay directly to the hotel or tour company in the currency shown, and normally on check-in (occasionally in advance per the hotels payment terms). Some hotels require a deposit which needs to be paid in advance to Staff Travel Voyage per the payment terms shown and the final balance directly to the hotel. After your booking is confirmed by the hotel you have the option to reconfirm it or cancel without penalty. Staff Travel Voyage will send you an invoice automatically for the deposit which you can pay by a secure credit card system.

Can I change my booking at any stage?
* All requests for changes must be sent direclty to the hotel and hotels usually reply within 24/48 hours, although it might take a little longer during weekends.  You can send your request via the email link that you can find in your email correspondence: 'Message Hotel' or 'Change my Booking', or by logging in and accessing "My bookings" on the menu bar. 
If the requested change is available, you will receive a new confirmation email.  In case it is not possible you will receive a message indicating that the change is not available.  

Are there any extras to pay locally after I have made my booking?
* No, the total price you are shown when you book is the total price you pay. In some countries (for example UAE and Maldives) there are obligatory and very small environmental or city tax charges payable locally by everyone (staff and the general public). This will be made clear on your booking if it is the case and if it cannot be added into your booking on our website.

What happens if I want to cancel, for example I do not get on my standby flight?
* If you need to cancel at anytime you can advise the hotel or tour company directly using the email address/telephone number found on your booking confirmation. You should also click on the 'Send a message to Hotel' or 'Cancel Booking' links also found on your booking confirmation. PLEASE DO NOT NO-SHOW!
* Many hotels do not make cancelation charges for cancelations made up to and including the day of check-in for flight offload, but you should check the cancelation policy for the hotel you are booking, which will be advised to you at the time of booking confirmation. If at this stage you do not wish to go ahead with the booking you can cancel it with no penalty.

Are Meals included in the Rates?
* This depends on the offer we receive from the hotel. 
* You can see clearly which meal plans we have rates for in the hotel rates box. When you click 'View Rates or Book Now' on the hotel page and enter your details, you can select from the meal plans available at that hotel and that you would like to see the rates for.

Can I extend my stay after I have checked-in at the same rate?
* Yes usually, but only if the hotel still has availability.

Refund of Deposit Paid?
* Unlike other companies, Staff Travel Voyage have a special policy to refund deposits to clients for cancellations right up to the day of check in (less a $15 admin fee), including if you are offloaded from your flight. We will refund any deposits paid back to you using the same the form of payment used as soon as possible and can usually process this within 8-12 weeks. Staff Travel Voyage will do their utmost to return your deposit as soon as possible.

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