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Staff Travel Voyage (STV) promotes to Travel Industry Employees resident in over 200 countries worldwide! 

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** For flight offloads/last-minute cancellations it is important you contact the hotel you have booked directly and as soon as possible (before or on planned check in date at the latest) with the contact details supplied at the time of booking. Please do not no show! Please also cancel your booking in our system by logging in and clicking 'My Bookings' here or on the menu bar.

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Staff Travel Voyage is a global provider of concessionary and highly discounted hotel and tour rates exclusively for employees of the travel industry. We deal with in excess of 1 million employees resident in over 200 countries and therefore unable to offer a telephone reservation/inquiry service. If you have a question please first check our HELP & FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page by clicking here, and if you do not find the answer to your question you can email us any time.

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Terms & Conditions/Data Protection/Code of Conduct

Staff Travel Voyage Limited and its agent Staff Travel Ltd, also known as STV, is an internationally registered company providing an online marketing and awareness platform for hotels and tour companies (Accommodation supplier) to promote and market their services to employees of the travel industry (Clients) and to provide the Clients with rebated holiday arrangements at industry staff levels. Travel Industry Employee Clients are required to register with STV on our website (free) to avail themselves of the special industry staff discounted arrangements categorised as STV Super Specials. (for the STV Direct and Friends & Family category product see below)

Information required at the time of registration includes only name, basic contact details, advice of the company the Client works for, their position and their holiday preferences, and not sensitive personal data. This information is simply required to enable us to contact the Clients to provide them with information about holiday offers available to them with STV and most suited to the preferences they provided, details and reservation confirmation about the bookings they make via STV, and for us to advise the Accommodation supplier at the time of the reservation request who the Client works for before the Accommodation supplier considers and confirms their booking request. The information provided is for no other use and is not provided at any time to any other third party. Clients are not required to register any form of financial/credit card details as payment is generally made between the Client and Accommodation supplier directly. The Clients are also required to present adequate proof of employment at the hotel on check-in to confirm and prove their employment to the Accommodation supplier. This is usually in the form of an ID card or other suitable proof of employment. We provide an on-request Booking system and link directly between the Accommodation supplier and Clients for the promotion of their land-based accommodation and tours and ancillary services.

When making a Booking through the Staff Travel Voyage system, the Client makes a contractual reservation agreement with the Accommodation supplier for the services requested and booked with STV acting as its agent. When the Client makes a Booking, STV acts solely as an intermediary between the Client and the Accommodation supplier, automatically forwarding the details of your reservation request to the relevant Accommodation supplier and sending you a confirmation email outlining the services you have requested, and then a confirmation message from the Accommodation supplier in respect to the Booking. All payments for services booked are made between the Client and the Accommodation supplier (except deposits and unless otherwise stated), and all such terms and conditions for the Booking are those issued and enforced by the STV and as presented to the client prior to and at the time of the booking confirmation, When Clients make bookings via STV they enter a legally binding Contract based on the specific payment, cancellation and other terms stated accordingly for each hotel. Rates booked through STV are confidential and are strictly only bookable through STV under the specific payment and cancellation terms provided. Under no circumstances are Clients permitted to attempt to book or access STV contracted and owned rates seen or booked on the STV website directly with hotels or via any other entity and it is considered a serious abuse of travel industry employee concessionary travel benefits if any Clients are found to attempt to do so. Payment and cancellation terms and conditions are stated on the hotel page and on the confirmation emails provided with all reservations accepted through the STV system and/or simply promoted on the STV website prior to any booking being made.    

The information that we publish on our website or through any social media and electronic/brochure based material is based on the information provided to us by Accommodation suppliers. The Accommodation suppliers are also given access to the STV extranet through which they can enter and update rates and other rate based /identity information which may then be displayed on our website. Although we always use reasonable skill and attention in performing our services we do not guarantee that all information is consistently updated by the Accommodation Supplier or STV, nor necessarily accurate and correct, and we will not be held responsible for any errors including descriptions, images, videos, downloadable documents, rates, and typographical errors, or any interruptions owing to breakdown, repair, upgrade and maintenance of our website, inaccurate, misleading or untrue information or non-delivery of information. Each accommodation provider remains responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness, and correctness of the (descriptive) information (including the rates) displayed on our website. Our website does not constitute and should not be regarded as a recommendation or endorsement of the quality, service level, qualification, or (star) rating of any accommodation made available. Any shortfalls in services provided and/or complaints about any matter whatsoever including negligence by the Accommodation supplier should be taken up with the Accommodation supplier directly, and STV holds no responsibility whatsoever for any such shortfalls. Clients making Bookings via the STV system do so under this understanding and stated conditions.

Covid-19: It is the responsibility of all Clients to check, conform with, adhere to, and take all measures required by the government of the country destinations they are visiting; the hotels they are visiting; as well as the government of their country of residency for their return, in respect to Covid-19 checks, tests, vaccinations, and isolation periods or otherwise connected requirements if and where relevant. Any costs related to such measures are the sole responsibility of the Client. Any information provided on our website in respect to such requirements or measures is provided to us by reputable and authorised third parties at the time of going to press, and could have been superseded after the time of going to press. STV holds no responsibility for such information, which is provided to Clients simply for guidance purposes.    

Travel Industry Employee Code of Conduct:

PLEASE remember, our special airline and travel agency staff discounted hotel rates are considered "concessionary employee benefits" by the hotels, the same as with your ID/ZED fare Employee rebated/discounted air tickets. Staff should remember this when staying at the hotels and ensure they act respectively and do not create problems or complain unnecessarily or disrupt the hotel staff or general public guests also staying at the hotel. Please remember, as with aircraft occasionally there are technical problems with equipment in hotel rooms or outlets. If you experience such issues in the hotel please 'respectively' report them to reception and the hotel will do their best to resolve the issue as fast as possible. When 'space available' upgrades or late check-outs are promoted on our website please remember if you receive an upgraded room/late check-out, this is a bonus so please do not complain or demand an upgrade/late check-out if the hotel is unable or chooses not to upgrade you! Some of our hotels do offer 'guaranteed' upgrades and this is clearly shown on our hotel pages if it is relevant. Hostile or inappropriate behavior resulting in the hotel complaining to Staff Travel Voyage about our industry staff guests staying at their hotel can result in reports being forwarded to the staff members employer airline/agency staff travel/employee benefits department and can also result in the hotel concerned refusing to accept employees from your airline/agency thereby ruining opportunities for your fellow employees! Thank you for your understanding! 

STV Direct (eligibility includes Friends & Family)

The category of rates known as STV Direct by Staff Travel Voyage are available to regular STV registered Travel Industry Employee Clients together with their Friends and Family (also Clients), of which Friends and Family may book such STV Direct rates and travel unaccompanied without the Travel Industry Employee. Friends and Family utilise a different registration process and and are only permitted to book STV Direct Rates and not STV Super Special rates. STV Direct is a marketing brand name for the discounted hotel booking portal operated for STV by Clients may make unlimited bookings during the year on the portal and may book unlimited rooms within each individual booking, however the registered Client must be present in the hotel during the period or at least 50% of the period of stay of each booking made, and under no circumstances whatsoever are the rates be remarketed and/or sold onwards to any third party. In making a booking on the STV Direct by Staff Travel Voyage portal, the Client enters into a legally binding Contract Agreement with following the terms and conditions found on the generated booking portal and as such as STV acts as an Agent in this regard and all responsibility for bookings made between Clients and Hotels rests with and their terms and conditions accordingly.   

Information required at the time of registration by Friends and Family for STV Direct includes only name, country of residency, basic contact details, advice of the type and name of the Travel Industry company that the Client of the Friend or Family works for and the Friend or Family members holiday preferences. No sensitive personal data is requested. This information is simply required to enable us to contact the Clients to provide them with information about holiday offers available to them with STV Direct most suited to the preferences they provided, The information provided is for no other use and is not provided at any time to any other third party. Clients are not required to register any form of financial/credit card details with STV as payment is made between the Client and Accommodation supplier directly.

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