STV Direct ~ Also now available to Friends & Family

STV Direct ~ 800,000 hotels at specially reduced rates for Travel Industry Employees with immediate confirmation ~ also now available to Friends & Family un-accompanied


Airline, Travel Agent and Travel Industry Employees DO NOT need to register with STV again for these rates -
​simply enter below with your regular login details  

NEW! All STV Direct hotel rates are now in the local currency for your location and INCLUDE Taxes & Credit Card Charges.

Hotel Resort Fees when applicable are payable locally and will usually be advised at the time of booking.

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* Friends and Family of Airline & Travel Industry Employees resident globally are now eligible for STV Direct rates below and can travel on an un-accompanied basis. To book STV Direct rates, Friends & Family need to be registered and logged in with Staff Travel Voyage. For more information see 'About STV Direct rates' below. Welcome to the world of discounted hotels enjoyed by travel industry employees!

Airline and other travel industry employees resident globally can of course also use these specially discounted STV Direct rates. We suggest you first check our Super Specials page (or Destination pages) first though, as STV Direct rates, whilst discounted, are not as discounted as STV Super Special rates that are strictly only available to travel industry employees. STV Direct rates represent the next best thing to Super Specials. If you are already registered with STV there is no need to register again/separately for STV Direct rates, simply click below.



About STV Direct rates

For Friends & Family to register with us you must be a Friend or Family member of a Travel Industry Employee who are defined as Airline, Travel Agency and Tour Operator employees, Airline/Airport Handling Agents, Travel or Tourism Associations/Agencies/Boards or Government Tourism Ministry employees and Travel & Tourism Media Publisher employees.

Click the green Friends and Family button to register from the Login box on the menu bar (If Travel Industry Employees are not yet registered use the orange register button. If you are already registered with STV you do not need to register again to use STV Direct rates) .

There is no limit to the number of STV Direct bookings Travel Industry Employees or Friends and Family can book each year.

With STV Direct rates there is no limit to the number of rooms per booking , however the registered Travel Industry Employee OR registered Friend or Family must make the booking and must be present for at least 50% of the hotel stay.

With STV Direct rates you pay directly at the time the booking is immediately confirmed. Most hotel rates are fully refundable up to a certain time before check-in (some the same day). See each hotel's payment and cancellation terms. Payment is now made in local currency based on your location at the time of booking.

Great for Friends & Family looking for greater flexibility (traveling independently and unaccompanied from the Travel Industry Employee) with immediate confirmation.

Other than STV Super Special rates Travel Industry Employees will unlikely ever find a lower or more discounted rate anywhere.

Friends and Family CANNOT book STV Super Special rates found elswehere on this website, they can only book STV Direct rates above.

The "next best and closest thing" to STV Super Special Rates. Using our global buying power and presence as the leading and only truly global client company selling holidays to Travel Industry Employees and their families (we have served travel industry employees resident in over 200 countries ~ almost every single country on the planet) STV have been able to source these STV Direct hotel rates in bulk, at almost 1 million hotels globally and at extraordinary discounts.


Terms & Conditions & Data Protection
STV Direct (eligibility includes Friends & Family)

The category of rates known as STV Direct by Staff Travel Voyage are available to regular STV registered Travel Industry Employee Clients together with their Friends and Family (also Clients), of which Friends and Family may book such STV Direct rates and travel unaccompanied without the Travel Industry Employee. Friends and Family utilise a different registration process and and are only permitted to book STV Direct Rates and not STV Super Special rates. STV Direct is a marketing brand name for the discounted hotel booking portal operated for STV by Clients may make unlimited bookings during the year on the portal and may book unlimited rooms within each individual booking, however the registered Client must be present in the hotel during the period or at least 50% of the period of stay of each booking made, and under no circumstances whatsoever are the rates be remarketed and/or sold onwards to any third party. In making a booking on the STV Direct by Staff Travel Voyage portal, the Client enters into a legally binding Contract Agreement with following the terms and conditions found on the generated booking portal and as such as STV acts as an Agent in this regard and all responsibility for bookings made between Clients and Hotels rests with and their terms and conditions accordingly.

Information required at the time of registration by Friends and Family for STV Direct includes only name, country of residency, basic contact details, advice of the type and name of the Travel Industry company that the Client of the Friend or Family works for and the Friend or Family members holiday preferences. No sensitive personal data is requested. This information is simply required to enable us to contact the Clients to provide them with information about holiday offers available to them with STV Direct most suited to the preferences they provided, The information provided is for no other use and is not provided at any time to any other third party. Clients are not required to register any form of financial/credit card details with STV as payment is made between the Client and Accommodation supplier directly.