Travel Industry Employee Super Special Rates ONLY

    Making a booking with STV is very easy and straight forward

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* Firstly, please note all STV rates are highly discounted for Travel Industry Employees only, and for this reason, they are on a 'request' basis with the hotel. This means our website does not hold live availability and does not confirm your request and room immediately, like higher regular rate general public hotel booking portals such as and Expedia.

* When you make a request on our website, our system automatically and instantly sends an internal message to the hotel requesting your room/s at these very special rates, and the hotel will respond to you via the STV website system and email. The reply could be the same day but could take up to 24-48 hours depending on how busy the hotel is (some hotel reservation departments are closed at weekends).

* Don't forget STV rates are genuine Travel Industry Employee Benefit and highly discounted privileged rates, and full-rate paying general public guest requests normally take priority, so we appreciate your patience ... it is worth it to get such incredible rates!

* Please do not make multiple hotel requests for the same booking/dates or make requests to just check availability.

1) Make sure you are Logged in to the STV website to see our special hotel rates and make a booking (You need to be registered (Free) with STV to Login. Click here if you are not yet registered)

2) On the hotel page you wish to book, first click 'See All Rates or Book Now' to obtain a price and/or make a request (note rates are initially shown per person per night + taxes but will be totaled later)

Before doing so you can also check the hotel's Payment and Cancellation Policies by clicking on the blue buttons below 'See All Rates or Book Now'


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3) You will then see Booking Page 1 below 


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3a) First enter your requested check-in and check-out dates. You must then click the green box: CLICK TO APPLY DATES

3b) Next enter the number of Adults (children if any), your chosen Meal Plan, and then your chosen Room Category

Your Total Price to pay for your booking will then be displayed below (some mobile phones and other devices automatically scroll back to the top of the page after you enter the Room Category. If this happens, simply scroll back down again to the Total Price at the bottom) 

3c) If you require more than 1 room you can click 'Add another room' (you cannot select different dates for the additional rooms. If you find the page automatically scrolls back to the top again, please scroll back down) 

4) Then Click NEXT to go to Booking Page 2 (some hotels offer Extra options, some of which may be compulsory and some optional). If you have any questions or special requests for the hotel you can enter this in the 'Special Requests' box.​


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Then click NEXT

5) This is the final booking page, where you will be asked to check the details of your request are correct, and then click on a button SEND MY REQUEST TO THE HOTEL, or you can cancel your request and it will not be sent to the hotel.

If you click for your request to be sent to the hotel, our system will automatically and immediately forward it to the hotel.  

You will also be sent an email from Staff Travel Voyage, confirming what request you have made. There is no commitment at this stage or any payment required


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6) When you receive the reply from the hotel about your booking, if it is accepted, you will be given 3 options:

Reconfirm the booking and pay your small refundable deposit (usually 12%) using our secure online credit card payment system (the balance is payable later and direct to the hotel, usually on check-in). Importantly, when you have paid your deposit you will then receive an email from STV with your hotel confirmation number which you need in order to check-in and pay our special rate.

You will be given a date by when your deposit is payable by, after which your booking will be automatically canceled, so please look out for the email!

Cancel the booking at no charge.

Change the booking. For example you may wish to change the dates or room type.  

6) If you receive an email to say the request is not possible you will normally be sent an alternative offer (for example slightly different dates or a different Room Category). In this instance, you have the option to:

Accept the alternative offer from the hotel - whereby you will then receive a final email confirming your booking and requesting you pay your deposit per 5) above.

If the hotel's alternative offer is not suitable for you, you can cancel the request, message the hotel to request another alternative, or look for another hotel on our website.

You can also monitor, modify and action your existing bookings at any time by clicking on MY BOOKINGS in the menu on our website. You will need to be logged in to view your Bookings. 

With STV you only pay a small refundable deposit when your booking is accepted (within 14 days or sooner if you are departing within 14 days), and the balance is always payable directly to the hotel (usually on check-in. You can see each hotel's exact payment policy on the hotel page itself under the rate box.

If you cancel you're booking at any time up to and including the day of check-in your deposit is refundable less a $15 administration fee. For the final balance, most hotels do not charge if you need to cancel your booking right up to and including the day of check-in, although some do make charges if you cancel a few days before check-in. Full details of hotel cancellation policies can be found on the hotel page underneath the rate box  

If you need to cancel your booking after it has been confirmed it is important to cancel the booking in our system, which you can do using the link on any of the emails you have received about your booking, or by going to MY BOOKINGS on the menu bar at the top of the website. You will need to be logged in to view your bookings.  IMPORTANT: If you need to cancel your booking last minute, for example, due to a flight offload, it is important that you also contact the hotel directly to advise them. The contact details of the hotel can be found on your email confirmation. Please do not no-show at a hotel as this can incur penalties.​