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Explore the beautiful islands of the Philippines through the world-class resorts of the Henann Group.

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About the group

Our resorts are currently located at two of the most recognized tourist destinations in the country namely Boracay Island and Panglao Island, Bohol. In the near future, we will also be expanding in the beautiful province of Palawan. 

Our customers are always our priority. We want to give them splendid accommodations, superb dining options, great facilities and efficient service set in renowned tourist destinations, with the aim of satisfying all their needs and creating new experiences for them without charging too much. 

Boracay Regency, now Henann Regency Resort & Spa started out with 43 rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant and 65 employees trained according to international standards. The resort focused on offering quality accommodations and facilities at a very reasonable rate, thus attracting more and more patrons. Even at this early stage, the resort showed excellence in its performance as it was the first resort at the long beach to receive the highest resort rating from the Department of Tourism.

To date, Henann Regency Resort & Spa has 302 rooms, almost seven times bigger than its original 43 rooms. With Boracay becoming a more well-known tourist destination here and abroad, it is not surprising that new resorts were being built in the island while the other resorts started upgrading. "During the expansion of Henann Regency, competition in the island also grew; but we do not let them catch up," said Chusuey. So in 2009, the company joined the bandwagon by acquiring its neighboring Korean-owned Hotel Seraph and named it Henann Garden Resort. Four months after the acquisition, the company opened its third venture in the island, the Henann Lagoon Resort.


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Our Portfolio

Eighteen years since Henann Regency's inception, Henann Group of Resorts continues to add new members to its growing family. As such, In 2015 the group opened the biggest resort in Bohol with 400 world-class rooms in a 6.5 hectare property in Panglao island along the coast of the famed Alona beach, but it does not stop there, in 2017 another 210 room expansion of the resort will start and will total up to 610 rooms by 2018.

Just last November 2016 the group opened its first beachfront resort in Station 1, Boracay called Henann Prime Beach with a total of 144 rooms. However the group's incredible journey does not stop there, By 2017 the group will open two more beachfront resorts in Boracay alone. Henann Crystal sands is slated to open by the second quarter of 2017 featuring 188 rooms and will be designed totally by renowned architectural firm Palafox and associates. By the third quarter of 2017 Henann Palm Beach resort will open with 244 rooms.

By 2018 yet another resort will open along the main road of Boracay called Henann Park Resort featuring 232 rooms. In 2018 total number of rooms in Boracay will reach up to 1,605 rooms. The expansion of Henann Group of Resorts will also cover another emerging tourist destination in the country -  Coron, Palawan which will start construction by 2017.


How it Started

It all started with one man's simple idea of building his own resort in the island paradise of Boracay where his family and friends can enjoy a hassle-free vacation. Fast forward to the present day, that same idea has materialized as a world-class company, and whose name is synonymous to great accommodations, excellent service and value for money.

"When I first visited Boracay, it was love at first sight; I fell in love with the island right away," said Dr. Henry Chusuey, chairman of the Henann Group of Resorts. The island's powdery white sand beaches and crystal clear waters definitely left a special place in Chusuey's heart. These captivating qualities of Boracay made the visionary businessman realize that the island had the potential to be a prime tourist destination. Banking on this realization, Chusuey opened his own resort in the island, the Boracay Regency Beach Resort.

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