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Founded in 1997 in Lugano, site of the Group’s headquarters, the Planhotel Hospitality Group has been operating in the tourism sector for over 18 years as a leading hotel management company for resorts and hotels in the Indian Ocean. 

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About us

The group focuses on management, marketing strategies and distribution, as well as developing the network of its Diamonds Resorts, Sandies Resorts & Hotels and Exploreans Camps & Lodges brands. Planhotel is renowned worldwide for its unique combination of local tradition and Italian style in both its design and guest services, without forgetting its exemplary all inclusive formula. 

To be perceived by guests, partners, collaborators and competitors as the best small hotel and resorts chain in the world.

We manage the Group’s resorts in the most professional, effective and efficient ways possible in order to generate a positive return on every aspect for the landowners, a good working relationship with partners and collaborators and an excellent level of service to make our guests’ holidays truly unique. 

“To succeed we must be actors, not spectators. When a problem threatens the quality of our services, we have the right management personnel to resolve it. When we discover a way of improving our service, we do all we can to implement it. Every day our partners work towards improving guest satisfaction with a passionate dedication to optimising each aspect of the service, in the knowledge that our resorts should be, for our guests, a home away from home”. Sara Rosso


Diamonds Hotels and Resorts

Diamonds Hotels and Resorts are innovative and luxury All Inclusive resorts. Our philosophy centers on listening to the individual needs of all our guests and responding with personalised services. Located in unique and idyllic destinations, the Diamonds resorts treat guests to a variety of all inclusive services, culinary journeys and exclusive features. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the crystal clear water of the Maldives accompanied by marine biologists or to taste the exotic fragrances and flavours that only Zanzibar can give, without forgetting the possibility to realize everyone's dream of getting lost in the wonderful colors of an African sunset in Kenya.

Boasting elegant beach bungalows and beautiful over water villas, a wellness spa and a diving centre this luxury resort offers the very best seaside experience, where you can experience activities like diving and wind surfing.
Welcome to the magnificent Diamonds Thudufushi Beach and Water Villas. The island features elegant beach bungalows and luxury over water villas. A wellness centre which offers ayurvedic treatments and a diving centre.
Located on the island's north-western point, Zanzibar's most popular beach area, you will find yourself immersed in a luxurious tropical environment. Ideal for an all inclusive holiday dedicated to relaxation.
Where the exotic scents and the enchanting force of nature melds with the exotic style of Indo-Arabic architecture to create a hypnotic charm: set out for Malindi to discover the magic of Kenya.
Eleven private villas complete with swimming pool, sun terrace and a luxurious tropical garden from where is possible to admire a breathtaking view over the Indian Ocean and the famous Zanzibar sunset.
For an all inclusive holiday surrounded by enchanting gardens overlooking the Indian Ocean and unique local landscapes, this is the leading resort for an activity-rich holiday where you can experience the area's culinary excellence.
Where the unspoilt natural beauty of beaches, natural parks and a timeless culture are melded with the personalised services of Diamonds Mequfi Beach. Go in search of a new, exclusive and undiscovered destination.


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Sandies Hotels and Resorts

Sandies, part of the Planhotel group, are exciting all-inclusive resorts in desirable locations. At Sandies we believe in keeping things simple. With a friendly and harmonious atmosphere, highest consistency in quality and service we set new standards for the all inclusive holiday experience. This is one of the reasons why everyone can make the kind of vacation which is ideal for himself, finding services ranging from sports experiences to those of total relaxation. 

Our warm welcomes make our guests feel at home and our hands on and courteous service assures excellent value for money. A happy holiday with friends and family provided by “Sandies” in unique style, never overwhelming and always warm.

The resort is constructed in the kenyan tradition but is equipped with all modern conveniences. An oasis of tranquillity composed of 109 rooms set in the luxurious tropical garden. There is an extensive equipped beach, 2 restaurants and 3 bars to complete the experience.


Our destinations

"Travelling is like falling in love: the world is made new", said Jan Myrdal. And he was right; discovering a new destination is like discovering a new world composed of different cultures, new landscapes to be admired, new experiences to try. And when we return to the same place, we relive the fascination, atmosphere and emotion of the first time.

Planhotel Hospitality Group accompanies its guests as they discover the enchanting destinations of the resorts, discovering interesting facts, travel information and ideas to make their holiday a truly unique experience.


50 km off the eastern coast of Tanzania, a few degrees south of the Equator, the island of Zanzibar lies opposite Tanzania. This island not only offers breathtaking nature and scenery but also numerous activities and excursions to really experience the local atmosphere and traditions.

The ideal destination for a Safari in the Masai Mara National Reserve and to discover the unspoilt coastlines of Kenya, Malindi also offers many leisure and excursion possibilities.

An exclusive and as yet unspoilt destination, with some of the world's most beautiful beaches which extend for long distances, contrasting with the blue of the Indian Ocean. Ideal for diving and whale, shark and nature watching. The famous Ngrongosa Park is a must for Safari enthusiasts.

The Maldives archipelago is composed of 26 coral atolls, each one of which contains within it nearly 2000 small islands of white sand and dense tropical vegetation. The Maldives are the ideal destination for diving, nature, relaxation and water sports enthusiasts.

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