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The most wonderful way to explore India

Ever changing landscapes, smooth sailing, gourmet cuisine, carefully chosen excursions, well informed guides, live cultural shows in the evening, all this and more... truly an experience of a lifetime which we call ‘Experience Ganges’.

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The experience

No more bad roads, traffic jams , or travelling through heat and dust. Board the cruise ship, drop anchor at will, embark right into doorsteps of the monuments, temples, rustic towns. No more pack unpack, your intimate hotel, the river cruiser moves with you; 

Be it the mansions in urban setting, monuments in ancient towns or the mangroves on the remote islands – unearth the daily life steeped in generations of abiding customs, rituals, beliefs and craftsmanship, which is reflected in the variety of folklores, music, weaving, pottery, foods and festivals.The river is a silent testimony to the immutable undercurrent of Indian Spirituality and Philosophy. Sourced from the Himalayas to the magnanimous delta of Sunderbans.., no river plays a more important role, religious, cultural, economic and social in the lives of the people than the River Ganges 


About us

We at Vivada Inland Waterways Ltd. are engaged in inland waterways and related business for more than four decades. The Kolkata-based Vivada Cruises (our cruising division) flaunts a fleet of vessels and barges, water taxis as well as a range of water transport services. We have also been offering the most luxurious and successful inland waterway cruise to Varanasi, lower Ganges and Sunderbans. However, in recent years lots of queries from our visitors have compelled us to go forward with the short river trips in Ganges and Day Cruises. 

Cruising on the Ganges is very riveting owing to the fact that the banks on both sides of the river are impregnated with historical significance. Vivada Cruises brings for its guests exotic Ganges Cultural cruises and Sunderban cruises in luxury inland cruisers like M.V. Paramhamsa as well as fun cruising in smaller luxury cruisers like M.V. Ahalya and M.V. Millennium. 

Our Mission and Reputation 

Vivada Cruises has a mission to innovate the services in waterways in India and to sail the rough waters and explore new horizons. It is also our aim to achieve excellence in our services that we render with integrity and full sincerity. 

Vivada Cruises is the largest inland waterways company in India and has been established in 1966 as Bunkerers to ocean going vessels. The main operations of Vivada Inland Waterways Limited are being controlled from Kolkata - the metropolitan city, which is the main hub for Inland Water transport in National waterways 1 and National Waterways 2. Vivada Inland Waterways Ltd has made a name for itself through the path of Integrity, Innovation and Initiation. You can avail of our services and enjoy a jolly good time partying over the Ganges as well as enjoy the holiday options.

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Our fleet

The cruiser vessel M.V. Paramhamsa is a four-decked vessel. 
Under Deck: Houses all utilities - kitchen, engine room, cold storage, washing and laundry room, crew accommodation, fuel and water tanks, sewage treatment plant etc. 
Main Deck: Has 18 air-conditioned luxury passenger rooms with attached bath. 
First Deck: Has 12 luxury Family Rooms, the Bar and Restaurant, the massage parlour with Steam and sauna facility and has a Promenade Deck which is converted into activity area like Gym etc. 
Sun Deck: This is the top deck of the ship. This part has been exclusively created for Nature viewing, sun lounging, Entertainment, Star gazing through Telescopes, night vision Binoculars etc. It can also accommodate open-air conferences with all facilities. 
Guest Rooms: 12 luxury cabins of 165 sq ft on the First Deck and 18 Deluxe Cabins of 135 sq ft in the Main deck. 

If you are planning a small homely party or an official meeting, then why not choose our Millennium as your venue? You can party in mid Ganges appreciating the sunset over Kolkata with the gentle wind caressing you. With a capacity of 40 PAX and an Air Conditioned Lounge with elegant interiors, the twin decked Millennium is sure to steal your heart. Guests really enjoy the Mahanagar cruise and Sunset cruises from Millennium. We also customize Millennium for conferences, chartered tours and small parties.


Ahalya is one of our prettiest and coziest carriers with a capacity of 150 PAX. Guests really enjoy the Mahanagar cruise and Sunset cruises in Ahalya. The gentle wobbling of twin decked Ahalya with the lapping of the waves makes you feel the thrill of water cruising. With an Air Conditioned lounge, dining provisions and a dance floor spruced up with state-of-the-art music system, we can customize Ahalya for conferences, chartered tours and small parties too.

The concept of Water Taxis is new to Kolkata. We operate two state-of-the-art FRP speed boats accommodating 10 PAX to any destination in Ganges for our guests. At a speed of 12 knots, you will feel the thrill of travelling really fast breaking the waves and kissing the winds. Remember, travelling in speedboats is one of the safest modes throughout the world and really you do not stand a chance of risk, with our extremely well built Hamsas.You can hire the Hamsa boats for family outings, group tours and even excursions.

Charter a Cruise

Be it a family or a corporate, social or official, small or big, a cruise party will be a one remembered for long, maybe lifetime.  Charter a boat, design a theme, select the route and add activities and entertainment; Surprise every one with a Cruise on Vivada !!! 

Why cruising : Cruiser is the Accommodation as well as mode of travel which make the venue dynamic and interesting. Changing landscapes, freshness in the air and in the flowing water makes the ambiance a exclusive one. 

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