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Staff Travel STV Ambassadors/Influencers are full time employees of the worlds largest airlines and travel and tour operators, are avid and passionate social media gurus!

The airlines and travel companies have various closed and internal Facebook Groups only accessible by their employees, and it is here that our Ambassadors assist us extensively in spreading the word about STV, and our hotel partners & special deals available only to employees of the travel industry, by posting educational information and Blog Reviews about the hotels on these social media groups.

Total potential reach from distribution of your hotel/s Blog/Review via our Ambassadors/Influencers and Staff Travel Voyage 1.7 million+



The Power of our Ambassadors cannot be underestimated! For example, Julie Craven-Benneddeb, just one of our STV Ambassadors, is a First Class Flight Attendant with American Airlines one of the largest airlines in the world with 110,000 employees, and regulalry visits our hotel partners, creating a Blog/Review on her return.


"Staff Travel Voyage arranged for Julie from American Airlines to visit us for a short stay in 2018, after which she created a fabulous Blog about our resort, which was then distributed extensively to all employees at American Airlines in the USA. We were particualrly interested in boosting our American country market, and this acted as spectacular way to do just that, very quickly and efficiently. Airline employees truly have a great knack for spreading the word. STV also marketed her Blog throughout their global distribution network aggressively as ususal, and we are truly delighted with the results.
Riffa Saeed ~ Director of Sales & marketing 5* Kandima Resort Maldives" 

​Welcome an STV Ambassador to your hotel soon!

STV now have Ambassadors representing the worlds largest airlines and travel companies, and we regularly arrange for them to visit hotels that we feature on our website.

Upon their return they provide us with a report of their stay along with their personal pictures taken, and STV create a BLOG, which in turn is also used by the Ambassador to market the property, both on their various closed and internal Facebook groups and other social media platforms that are exclusively and only viewed by employees of the travel industry. In addition our other airline Ambassadors also distribute each others blog reviews on their internal groups - total reach over 700,000 industry employees.

Of course STV also use the blogs to market, educate and create awareness for the property both on the hotel page on our website and via our email newsletters distributed to our database of almost 1 million travel industry employees, our Special Offers and Top 20 Deals pages, and our own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram closed social media platforms. There is no cost to the hotel for this service, simply provide a complimentary room and some added value so the Ambassador/Influencer can experience and blog as much about the property as possible!

Total potential reach from distribution of your hotel/s blog via our Ambassadors and Staff Travel Voyage 1.7 million+

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Paul Hudspith, AKA Mad Traveller is an international First Class Flight Attendant at British Airways. He is also an avid 'selfie style' YouTube videographer, and in his capacity at STV as our exclusive Videographer, he regularly visits and films short videos (VBLOGS) of hotels that STV feature on our website and market to the worlds travel trade employees.


This further enhances great interest from the travel trade as it enables us to market our hotels under the headline "Don't only take our word for it see what a fellow International Flight Attendant has to say about this hotel on this short video" 

Paul's videos are then featured on the hotel page itself on our website and are also marketed via the STV many closed group social media platforms as well as our weekly email newsletters that are transmitted to almost 1 million travel industry employees that are registered with us resident globally in over 200 countries. The videos are also distribuetd by our STV Ambassador/Influencers, Total reach 1.7 million+ industry employees. Branded Staff Travel Vision click on the logo below to see and view some of his many hotel and destination videos which also feature on Paul's dedicated page on our website. An example video is also shown below the STV Vision logo





"Welcoming Paul to the Casa de Campo Resort & Villas was a true delight and extremely well worth marketing and awareness excercise. His candid and selfie style approach clearly works wonders and we have subsequently seen an giant increase in bookings from Staff Travel Voyage, as well of course as recognising the unprecedented global awareness his video has provided the resort within the worlds travel industry. Thanks STV! 
Colin Pegler ~ RMI ~ Casa De Campo European Office" 


Nothing...! There are no costs or fees for Paul to shoot a video at your hotel/s and no cost or fees for Staff Travel Voyage to market it to the world's travel trade. We all benefit, and STV is happy to provide the service at no charge to the hotel as part of our many global marketing, awareness and educational services we provide our hotel partners FREE!. All we do ask is that you provide him with a night or two's accommdoation and feed him while he films. Paul requires no time or effort from your staff in particular, simply someone to show him around, explain the facilities, and potentially be part of a quick and casual interview. Paul will do the rest!


Contact your STV Contract Account Manager and we will try and fit him in at a time and date to suit you soon!


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