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Everyone wants to dream, discover and explore. At Cinnamon they offer guests comfort, opportunity for discovery coupled with unsurpassed service. Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts are a stylish chain of diverse getaways each with its own unique experience. Join in on a journey of discovery that will give you a treasure trove of memories to add colour to your life.
Experience true hospitality and comfort with Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts.



What brings you here?
Whether it’s a holiday or a work trip, a memorable experience awaits you.
Stay with us at a chalet by the beach, a bungalow in the middle of the ocean, a lovely suite in a rustic atmosphere, a spacious room up in the hills, or an urbane room in a plush ambience. Yes, there’s enough room for all that you like.


Reasonable rates, beautiful stays.
Your comfort is our priority. So, each of the rooms, across our hotels in Sri Lanka and the Maldives is equipped with the best of amenities in a blissful ambience. While the beauty of our scenic locations seeps into every corner and makes the atmosphere come alive, the thoughtful aesthetics make sure you truly enjoy staying with us.

Savour the essence.
Isn’t it wonderful to be living right on the beach, in a holiday state of mind? How about living around a jungle, in a private little room that either meets treetops so that you can spot various birds, or is situated on the ground floor, so you can see a few wild friends pass you by? If this excites you, come stay with us at our chalets and experience your holiday in the true sense of its location.


Soak up endless beauty.
Live around the pristine Maldivian waters in our bungalows and have the most beautiful experience. On the beach, by the garden or, right in the middle of the serene sea – where do you wish to stay? Our bungalows are located to give you stunning views, while their spaciousness allows you to sink into the nicest comforts. So, choose one of our bungalows to enjoy your adventurous exotic holiday to the fullest.

One of a kind.
The Kingfisher and The Eagle Lodge at Habarana Village by Cinnamon are exemplary experiences. Off the beaten path, close to the lake, they are perfect for seekers of quietude. The extravagance of the space at each of these different lodges blends beautifully with its natural surroundings. Here’s where memories for a lifetime are made.

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What interests you - nature and wildlife, art and architecture, adventure, gastronomy or just the opportunity to do nothing?

When you’re with us, enjoy all of it. Go on a safari, or snorkel and dive for unforgettable encounters with wildlife, stroll around awe-inspiring architecture, dine at our exquisite restaurants or simply lose yourself to beautiful sunsets.


Marine Mammal Safari – Trincomale
When was the last time you saw something that gave you goosebumps? Then again, when was the last time seeing someone do breakfast, gave you goosebumps? Well, the Marine Mammal Safari at Trinco Blu by Cinnamon gives you this very experience. Watch dolphins and whales dip in and out of the ocean getting their first meal of the day, making it look like the most impeccably rehearsed performance. Besides, the grey of their smooth skin plunging into the deep blue of the ocean is also quite a sight.

Whale Watching – Mirissa
Holidays are defined by late mornings. But, when you’re staying with us at Hikka Tranz, so close to the marvellous dolphins and whales, you’ll make an exception. And you won’t regret it. In fact, it’s going to be the only time when watching someone do breakfast, will leave you agape with wonder. Yes, these beautiful creatures gather and dive in and out of the sea, eating their first meal of the day. This simple activity of theirs, looks like an impeccable rehearsed performance.


Yala National Park
Welcome to the jungle; the Yala National Park or the Ruhunu National Park, a rather arid land with the highest density of leopards in the world. While the elusive cat is the star here, 215 species of birds and over 44 diverse mammals call it home.

Elephant Safari – Minneriya and Kaudulla National Park
​Ever come so close to an animal, that you felt its warm and intimidating vibe at the same time? Well, here’s your chance. Take a jeep safari to the Minneriya and Kaudulla National Park, and the echoes of trumpets will reach you before you find a herd of elephants crossing the dusty road, while carefully sheltering the calf of the family.

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